Restaurants in Argassi

Steve W  (11 August 2010)        8/10

Another victim of the credit crunch? Closed 2009. Lovely setting and live music.

Stella S  (14 July 2008)        7/10

We were a little disappointed with the food here.  It looked so lovely as we approached it from the main road but never quite met our expectations.  It was a little more expensive than elsewhere and my husband's main course wasn't big enough to feed a child let alone an adult.  No complaints about mine though and certainly had no concerns about whether it had been cooked thoroughly etc.
Some friends of our had eaten there earlier in the evening and had no complaints whatsoever.
However, of the 4 restaurants we ate at for our evening meals this was definitely ranked fourth.

Elaine M (25 June 2008)

Dreadful, dreadful just awful, be advised do not go here.

The worst meal by far I have ever had in Argassi

Kate T (27 August 2007)

I realy thort it was a nice place when i first walked up to the place till we got the bread and butter they put on your table. The bread looked nice till my boyfriend went to have some bread & butter and discovered that the butter had been opened & already been used!! That put me off instantly!!!
 To top it off the glasses, knifes & forks & table cloth was dirty so i was not keen on stopping there to wait for my meal. When my meal did arrive (after a whole 10mins) (Chicken takes longer than that!!!) it looked really nice & presentable but was not when i started to eat it. It was the worst meal i had on my holiday!!!
I advise people not to go there its MINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!

M D  (21 November 2006)         

Good wine, but food was  Bland and a little more expensive then other restaurants.

Joan &  (25 September 2006)         

Don't recognise the place from the last few comments below.  We had a very good meal and the setting is beautiful.  White covers on the tables and chairs.  Sounds odd but it was perfect.  A wedding there would be superb. Service was good without being intrusive. If I return to Argassi I'll be back at the Venetsiana.

Liz D  (03 September 2006)         

very disappointing, we were touted in the street outside by the owner with a promise of a 10% discount which the waiter knew nothing about and the owner had then disappeared
food cold  and waiters unattentative

Alan R  (02 September 2006)         

All they wanted was to get you in there. Uncaring staff and poor service. Food overcooked and what seemed to us the same sauce used for different dishes. Would never go there again!

Ian T  (29 August 2006)         

I visited this place twice during my two week stay and i must agree with most of the other comments on this page when they say the service was bad, it was. The owner was like a bear with a sore head who looked disgusted with any request, no matter how small, that we made. During my first visit I was as part of a large group and I didn't enjoy my food or the meal in general. I decided to give the place another chance though because the surroundings were very peaceful and pleasant and i was with a girl i'd just met that week. What a difference! It was quiet and candle lit with live music playing softly in the background and was by far the most romantic setting you could hope for. The food was also much better this time. The staff were rude again but i didn't care because of the company i was in. My advice is to go there when it's quiet, enjoy the wine and the splendid setting but ignore the staff.

Old M  (22 June 2006)         

Nice setting, but constantly plagued by flies and all kinds of creepy crawlies, and the staff didn't want to know once we'd placed the order. And when the food arrived.......oh dear. If that chicken with asparagus was freshly prepared, I am both the Pope and Johnny Rotten rolled into one. A major disappointment. The wife had a good penne with four cheese sauce, so maybe I was just unlucky with my choice of dish, but there is no way I would eat here again, even if it was on the house.

Bronagh H  (07 September 2005)         

Went there in a group of 5, two adults, one teenage boy and two young girls, thought it was fantastic. Food was the best we had in our whole stay in Zante, waiters were lovely, they were great with the kids, and the setting was beautiful. This was the first time the whole party agreed that our food was lovely! I have read the other comments on this board, and the bad ones, well, I can't believe they are talking about the same place! I would highly recommend this restaurant!

Roy D  (18 July 2005)         

this place was recommended to us by two different people.nice food,very reasonable.had the set meal,of which there's a choice of two.starter,main & dessert with side salad @ 8.50 euros.can't complain at that bill with drinks & kids meal was under 30 euros.set in beautiful surroundings music to accompany your meal.staff were'nt as pleasant as other restraunts we visited though.

Laura & Al  (14 October 2004)         

We really liked this place. The staff weren't great but the food made up for this. I had the mixed souvlaki and my partner had the chicken with asparagus, they were both very good. The venetsiana is set back off the main road and a great place to go, as it's away from the main hussel of the resort.

Sian M  (07 October 2004)         

Was recommended - was awful.
Staff uninterested and rude. Food not much better.

Gary F  (07 October 2004)         

Great settings for a restaurant, but the staff were lazy rude pigs,also tried to overcharge. The chef should be shot.

Laura F  (28 September 2004)         

Lovely setting off the main road, but food was ok, nothing amazing. We had mixed souvlaki and beef goujetsi, both quite nice. Service not good - when the waiter asked if we were ready 2 order he jumped back a mile, really seemed 2 get the hump as soon as I started 2 say I wasn't quite ready. Had 2 go up 2 the desk 2 pay in the end I think.

Allan B  (08 September 2004)         

Nice Food in a lovely setting. However, the service was appalling - once they got us sat down & food ordered the waiters did their very best to ignore us. The waitress in particular was rude beyond belief when we asked for the bill. This was the first time I have ever left a restaurant anywhere abroad without leaving a tip!!!

My advice to anyone - don't go there!

Sara D  (19 July 2004)         

This was a really nice restaurant and being set-back from the main road was a plus. The food was good and so was the service. We only ate there once during our stay - but wish we had ate there more!

Terry D  (06 July 2004)         

Superb food, a friendly relaxed atmosphere and great genuine service. This
place is a must, it is situated off the main strip up past the red lion (but don't let
that put you off). Six of us ate here twice during the 2 weeks we were there,
but we wish we had eaten there more often, all our meals were fantastic. Don't
miss out.

Anne K  (27 June 2004)         

We loved this restaurant, people tend to walk past as it cannot be seen from the road. The food was excellent and the waiters were lovely and really friendly, they were commiserating with us when France beat us in Euro 2004. The prices were very reasonable but the standard of food was outstanding Try the Lamb Kleftiko, and chocolate mousse for desert.

Lesley A  (05 June 2004)         

Like others have said we tried several restaurants but this was BY FAR the best in Argassi! We ate here 3 times in a week and were never disappointed, lovely food which was very nicely presented, excellent service and friendly staff. They went to a little more trouble than other restaurants and it made all the difference in the world, if you go to Argassi you MUST eat here and you won't be disppointed.

Yvonne G  (10 October 2003)         

By far our favourite restaurant in Argassi, during our two week stay we eat there four times. The location off the main street is ideal and the service and food are excellent. We are returning next year and the Venetsiana will be at the top of our list.

Mike P  (02 October 2003)         

Got back from Argassi just over two weeks ago now. Out of all the restaurants in Argassi this was the best by far, in the end we ended up going here five times in two weeks and although we did try other restaurants we always returned to Venetsiana. The PR lady finally charmed us in on our third night, thanks for that and we are sorry for ignoring you on our first day Helen! The service (the waiters were apparently good looking accoding to my two daughters!), setting and meals were all excellent (espec Beef Stiffado and Mousaka) and finally a restaurant that does not serve chips and rice with every meal. Plus there was lots of free wine every time as well, so what more could you possibly want. We will deffinately be returning so see you all next year and have a good winter.

Steve A  (24 September 2003)         

My family and I thought this restaurant was fantastic. It is nicely set just off the main road away from all the hustle and bustle, the service was very professional, the restaurant beautiful and food amazing and good value for money. I had a fillet steak to die for, my wife had the Lamb Kleftico and children two pasta dishes and everyone thought it was just perfect. Also special hello to Helen the PR outside who was extremely polite, friendly and helpful and always with a smile on her face!

Smith D  (21 September 2003)         

We ate hear twice, both times the food was excellent, the price was very good too, on our second visit the service was not as good as the first, but i would recomend it for sure.

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