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Kelly J

Hi Claire

I went to the ship wreck last year and it was 35 euros each going thru our rep... mayb cheaper in the high street tho.... And to be honest we didn't really enjoy it that much. Don't get me wrong it was absolutely beautiful, but we only got to stay at the actual ship wreck for about 30-45 mins which I didn't think was long enough to really enjoy it, and it was packed!!! But we went at the beginning of August so it may not be as busy when you go...
Not sure about the other trips tho sorry x x

Claire W


Myself and my boyfriend are coming to Alikes / Alikanas in September this year. I've been to Alikanas previously but I have a couple of queries.
We would like to pay visits to the Blue Caves, Shipwreck and Turtle Island. We were just wondering if anyone knows roughlt how much the trips cost in Euro's??
Any help would be appreciated!!    
Claire x

Jane S

can anyone tell me how much the day trip costs and if you go to turtle island? not sure if reading reviews of right trip. thanks

Amber E          10/10

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the best day trip we had was to visit the blue caves ship wreck and turtle island u see allot of caves and the water is so clear it looks like  a swimmingpool check out sum of my pics, also we had top deck of the boat with sun loungers there was also a kids pool on board this trip costs 22 euros for the whole day u leave at 8.30 from zante town and catch a coach and the coach takes u to the dock where u get your boat theres a cafe on board and music it drops u back to the dock at about 5 so a very long but well worth day out.ive put a picture on here so people can see just how blue the sea realy is,

warning though when u do get of the boat to visit the ship wreck its not sand its little stones and it realy does hurt your feet so wear sandles ...

Harry B

Hey I am travelling out to Kalamaki with my girlfriend on th 9th of july and plan to go to visit the blue cave and ship wreck, I keep hearing good things about captain Spiros boat trips and would like to find out where to find him ??? please help 

Robin G          10/10

go on this trip round the island by boat well worth it
such a relaxing dayout. the views and scenery are amazing.
u see dolphins and turtles and the shipwreck is amazing as are
the blue caves. take the swimgear and suntan lotion u will need it.
best boat trip weve been on.

John J          10/10

hey i've just got back from argassi went with xl lol, i went on the island tour just one tip to anyone that goes to shipwreak ,wear shoes that you can swin in because you will not be able to walk on the beach due to the stones and shells.   hope this helps

Nicola S          10/10

George and Nico made it a great day and only 28 euros, they stay out longer if everyone is able to and tailor it to what you want so if you want longer at St Nicholas or longer swimming then fine, would definitely recommend this trip! 

Gemma B

hi im going to zante on 7th sept. im really looking forward to seeing the shipwreck and the caves. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the small boats have toilets as i suffer from stomach trouble and need to know there is a toilet nearby, or would i be best to go on a bigger boat? thanks

Tracey E          9/10

We went to shipwreck, caves, stopped at St Nicholas port, swam in a bay then returned to Tsivilli harbour. Excellent hospitality, great captain (it is his boat and he only has one) only 35 people - we had really calm day. Two teenagers and two adults in our party. There were small children on the boat. You have to swim to the beach at the shipwreck so you need to be able to swim or take arm bands etc. We all swam and had an excellent time. Need to take own drinks and snack.

We loved this it was different. We have been on day trips on pirate boats- got crowded, hot, fed up. We didn't want to share a boat with a 100+ so this was ideal. One of our children doesn't travel well but loved this.

Jennifer C

Hi Guy's,

Im going to Zante in October 7th and was wondering if the boat rides are still on, but most importantly if my children will be allowed on the boats? I have a 10yr old 3yr old and a 11month old baby.
Thank you for your help

Zoe Y

I recommend visiting The Blue Caves down at St Nikolas, look out for the little yellow hut at the end of the village.

It was 5 Euros per person and worth every penny (or cent)  We were out for about an hour & half with Captain Karidis who took you right into the caves, he even managed to get a starfish out of the water and pass it around. He even let my friend drive the boat back which made her day
If you're going to take photo's inside the caves make sure to turn your flash off as you get a better picture.

Sarah S

Going to Laganas in Oct for 2 weeks 3 adults 3 teens and 1 infant, any info on best day trips and prices plz

Andrea H          5/10

The blue caves are very beautful, with crystal clear water and lovely to swim and snorkel in.  Our boat arrived at the ship wreck the same time as 2 others so the beach was packed out.  Shame as spoilt the photo opportunities. You go around the whole of the island on this trip and after a few hours, it gets a tad boring.  Boat ideal for sunbathing for the day but was so full, was difficult to get a seat.  Food on drinks on board are expensive so take your own with you. I would recommend doing a smaller boat trip who travel direct to the sites, rather than going round the whole of the island.  Enjoy!x

Becky H          10/10

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Fantastic experience. boat ride was brilliant, captain was lovely.

 Blue caves were beauitful, Shipwreck was amazing.
We could swim to the shipwreck and we swam by the blue caves. Me and my Fiance sat right at the back of the speed boat- what a way to spend your 21st bday. i will never forget it.
 great experiance.


hi, we did the boat trip around zante and we can honestly say we would never do it again.

chance to swim in the clear waters
something different than other days
interesting to see the island
big que to get on the boat
nowhere to sit down, we were curled up on the floor inside of the boat
drinks and food so expensive.
boat was rather smelly
couldnt get off at the shipwreck due to the sea conditions ( guess not boats fault)
would have been a better out if boat wasnt overcrowded, if you could sit on the deck in the sun and view everyhting you wanted to see. we ouldnt do it again, but if your looking for somehting to do and willing to take risk of not getting seat outside would recommend it.
louise and sophie x

Gavsta W

This is the only place you can see the famous wreck other than actually going to it. Unfortunately there is not much there other than the platform as the café/ bar was closed down. There are a couple of stalls selling drinks and ice cream however. The platform itself juts right out over the cliff and you can see the wreck and the beach, along with all the tourist boats. Its very pretty and worth the trip, those with a fear of heights may want to skip as its very high and does feel at best a little precarious. There is no security staff and just a sign advising of no more than 4 people on at once.

If you fancy a walk then there is a cliff top path that will allow further views, but its not safe as the edge is sometimes masked with bushes and the ground itself slippy with stones and loose rocks, unless your confident then I wouldn't bother and under no circumstance allow young children there unattended.

If you decide on a boat trip then you can get to see the wreck up close. It takes a while to get there but its a nice enough day out if the sea is calm. Take some shoes though as the 'sand' is actually very fine coral and sharp and uncomfortable to walk on. The sea is great to swim in too. The other stops on the way are good too visiting various caves and seeing the island from the sea really iilustrates the diversity of the coastline.

You can however get to the wreck quickly from a little port just down the road from the viewing platform, where you can have a little boat ride there and back. This is a good way to get to the wreck without spending the day to do it.

Claire G

Me and my boyfriend visited the blue caves and the shipwreck September 2007 and words can't describe how beautiful and gorgeous the water was at the shipwreck especially. The image of the bay will stay imprinted on my memory for years to come and when I think of our holiday in Zante I will always think of that scene- it was just so lovely. We were lucky because our boat got to dock right up at the shipwreck and we spent about an hour there which was fab for me as I love swimming in the sea and the saltiness of the water made it effortless as you more or less float. Could have stayed in there for hours as the water was lovely and warm when we went. Not sure why others found it so cold if they went in Summer. You have to be quick with your camera when going past the blue caves though otherwise you'll miss them (if you're on a big boat like we were).


Reading some of the posts I can't believe people say they found the shipwreck trip boring- what more do people want! The scenery was amongst the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. There's no pleasing some people is all I can say!


Claire 1 post by Claire G    ip   - GB

Wayne C          8/10

Had a great day here though the shipwreck beach was a bit disappointing. The wreck has obviously been put there deliberatly,I certainly didn't believe any of the story that it was wrecked during a storm...smack in the centre of the only beach for miles...yeh right!! A good day out though.

Sarah A

A very pretty trip with the potential of being a fantastic day out. That is if the temperature is not 47 degrees and the trip is not 9 hours long.

The places visited were lovely but anyone thinking of doing the all day cruise I would advise you to pay a little bit more and do a few half day ones instead of one whole day because it is really long and most people on the boat had sunstroke.
The trip was on the delphini. This was a nice boat, however there is another one that is just slightly more expensive and has a pool on board so this may be better for the heat.
Oh and if you are going to the shipwreck be warned what seems like a white sand beach is actually full of hard sharp pebbles and stones which really really hurt! Scenery fantastic though and water is so clear and beautiful.

Paul K          1/10

You should defenetly NOT visit the horrible Blue Caves and the Ship Wreck because it is a compleet waist of your holiday (wel a day of it). The ShipWreck is put their by the gouverment to atract tourists and the Bleu Caves is a whole lot of nothing to. The boat that we where traveling on was horrible and the food they sold on it was dirty. The people said the boat was made in 2006 but we think it was older then the Ship Wreck. On the way back we maid a stop and they said you could jump of the boat but I almost died doing that.  

This was the most crapy part of our holiday ( the only good part was getting of the boat).
family Keily

Natalie F          9/10


This was a great trip. We were taken to the ship wreck where we have half an hour to do as we pleased and swim in the beautiful blue sea. Then for a look at the Blue Caves, not as spectacular as i was expecting, but the boat stopped and we had the choice to jump off and have another swim .
This trip was good for the swimming in my opinion. If you want to go in all the caves and have a proper look at them then i would reccomend you go on a trip that takes you out on samller boats - these ones don't go to the ship wreck to enlargeclick to enlarge
I've got to give a mention to the Caretta Caretta turtle spotting trip from Keri as there isn't a section for it. It was a fantastic trip and a bargain at 13 euro. The trip lasted 2 hours in which time you see the turtles, Keri caves, and get to go for a swim on a beautiful little to enlarge

Ann & Lee          10/10

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Jordan, you should have considered swapping sides!

We booked this tour through "Dionysos" tours (speak to Jade from Stoke) in Tsilivi. It was absolutely excellent. In fairness we were able to get onto the beach at the wreck (no trouble with excessive swell on our trip), and were also able to get in really close to the blue caves for a swim stop. We also stopped for a swim on the way back! We went out on the "DIAS" and were kept amused and informed by Chris (our English guide). All in all, a fabulous day (09:30 - 16:00) and would definitely recommend this trip to others. We will be going back again next year. As you can see, I've attached pics of the "DIAS" at Shipwreck beach, and one of my daughter with Chris.

Jordan D          1/10

oh jesus what a boring day espcially because we we on the wrong side of the boat all i saw all  day was the harizon woulnd t recommend this trip to anyone with a hang over or if you ve got somthing better to do like sleep

Phil E          10/10

julies comment couldnt be more wrong! it was 1 of my favourite days on the boat trip to the blue caves. must have just been a bad day. if you wanted to see turtles why didnt you go on the 'turtle trip' (caretta castaway) we seen 3 turtles. the crew are really friendly and as long as you like sight seeing then this is the trip for you. as for sunburn and sea sickness, isnt that what sun lotion and sea sickness pills are for?? i fully reccomend this to anyone

Louise H          6/10

Booked with Thomas Cook. Although this was a shipwreck and blue caves trip we travelled round the whole island. It was a long day. I just wanted to see the shipwreck and blue caves as the title of the trip describes but unfortunately it wasnt like that.

I think they should concentrate on the shipwreck and blue caves more and maybe take smaller boats through the caves.

Julie S          4/10

My family went out on the Delfini on what we thought would be a fantasitic day out on a board, it turned into the worst day of the holiday.   Don't get me wrong - I am glad I have seen the shipwreck but I regret taking my daughter out that day.  
As we turned the first corner we were warned of a "swell" and choppy water - whoa - understatement!  It was extremely rough - boat swaying from side to side, numerous people were sea sick including our daughter - for the whole day.
It is a long day when you have an ill child to look after and your only concern is to touch dry land. 
Unfortunately, due to the sea being too rough, we were unable to do a stop at the ship wreck, so all we saw all day was a lot of cliffs and sick!  They even mopped up half way around the island!
Not a trip to take children (mine is aged 10) so certainly not little ones.  
Sunburn, boredome and sickness.  Oh an no turtles to end a disappointing day.
Loved Zante, loved the people and the food - just avoid the boat trips!

Claire H          4/10

My boyfriend and I went to see the shipwreck and the caves last year.  All I can say is 6 hours on a boat isn't my idea of fun!  I would recommend sitting inside on the comfy seats if you can find one, as it's like sitting on a plastic lawn chair all day in the wind if you don't. We did actually get to see the ship, which was nice if a bit rusty, although didn't really stay for that long, and another boat hit ours while we were docked, almost taking out a handful of swimmers!  The caves were very pretty, although we only saw them at a distance, and the water I must say, was an amazing blue.  I am glad I've seen the shipwreck, as it's one of the reason's I went to Zante in the first place, but I wish I'd maybe done a half day instead, wouldn't have been as seasick!

Steve U          10/10

Myself, my wife and our 6 year old twin girls booked this trip through the First Choice rep at the Planos Bay apartment complex in Tsilivi when we stayed there back in September 2006. We were supposed to go on the Thursday but our eldest daughter caught an ear infection so we couldn't go but it wasn't until we went to claim our money back that we were told the trip was cancelled that day due to bad weather, so we eventually went on the Friday.

We got a coach from Tsilivi to Zakynthos port and got on one of the biggest cruisers there. It was a good ride until we got out into sea a little bit and closer to the destination that it started to become a bit choppy and I myself actually felt sick but luckily I didn't throw up!    We never got to see the shipwreck close up as we were told that the water was too choppy for us to anchor there  so we looked and took pictures from the boat. We then went round to the blue sea and had the opportunity for a swim in the sea. The crew gave all the kids, not that were many, lifejackets to wear which we thought was cool. We jumped in the sea and were surprised how warm it was. (Could be that the hotel pool was freezing!!) I had to hold our youngest daughter in my arms as she was a bit scared what with the water being deep, but our eldest daughter was happlily swimming in it with her mummy although they never strayed far from the safety of the boat. We had about 20 minutes here then we all got back on the boat and sailed round to St Peter's Port where we stopped for a spot of lunch and an hour's play on the beach. Then back on the boat again and round to look at the caves before heading back to Zakynthos and subsequently our coach and accomodation.
It was a long day, 9:30 - 5:00, but we all enjoyed it and if we return to Zante again we would go back on this trip. Well reccommended!  

Marie B          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hi all, myself, my other half and our 6 year old daughter were in tsilivi last may. we had a fantastic time, weather was gorgeous, mid to high 20,s all week.

we booked the blue caves and shipwreck beach with dionysis tours in town, got a great deal 20 euros for the three of us including coach transfers !! the boat was great and food and drink was very reasonable, coffee was great.
take some travel pills with you though as quite a few people were sick, a few of them got wind that i had kwells travel pills and a queue quickly arose !!
yes the water is as blue as they say, it really is breathtaking. dont forget your camera. we stopped off at a secluded beach later on, only accessable by boat and had a lengthy swim stop, there were some rocks and i took the plunge and dived off, i was extremely proud of myself, lol. !!!!
all in all a great day out, we are going back this may and cant wait, blue lagoon cocktail from the two brothers cocktail bar............. im on my way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma R           

abit disappointed with the shipwreck ...but the blue caves and scenery was beautiful

Lynn W           



Sheila J           

We went on the Delfini around the island. Very long day totally unsuitable for children. Some very pretty scenery. Stopped at the shipwreck for an hour and again later at some caves for swimming. Last trip of the season and so plenty of room on the boat. Not as clean as we would have liked especially in the toilets. 

Julia B           

We have just come back this weekend. We did the trip with  Hotel Operator and they rip you off big time,  and did not dock in any where near far enough,  it was a lump of metal and nothing spectacular, however the caves were beautiful and the blue waters were gorgeous, we even got to swim in the blue water which was wonderful.

Edward S           

We went on the all day cruise, the boat was noisy, we were told the boat would go in the caves. "only one that does sir" it didn't. our daughter was seasick, as were loads of other people. The only good thing was the visit to the shipwreck which i would recommend. After the shipwreck it  was boring bit of a waste of a day really. Didn't see the turtles either but by this time i couldn't car less anyway.

Martin C           

it was ok. VERY long day, you are better paying the extra 5e to go on the top cruiser. We were on the Delfini with Cavo Grosso and the boat is not the fastest (as they claim) The top cruiser sailed right past us and well into the distance. The shipwreck was the best bit - went swiming into the coves
Was ok but not good for kids - just too long a day

Ian A           

We done the cruise to the shipwreck, what a waste of time, couldnt dock there,apparently there  was too much of a swell. Hadn't been able to land in weeks so they said. Shame we were not told about it, that the only reason we went, so went off to another cove that just wasn't the same. didn't see the caves on the way back either, just sailed past!!!.

Jelly K           

We hired our own boat from alakanas beach to see the blue caves, it was 80euro for 3 hrs.  We went off to see the blue caves but were very dissapointed!! Rubbish as far as Im concerned!!!  Apparently the shipwreck is only from the late 90's so its a bit of a con, its not the titanic or anything!!!  Hiring the boat was cool tho so if we did it again we would just do our own thing! 

Brain &           

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge We went for the full island tour on "Top Cruiser", booked through one of the agents along Kalamaki strip (25e compared with Thomas Cooks 38e). Three decks - top two crowded, plenty of room on lower deck - has snack bar. It was a long day (9am - 5pm), but the sea was flat calm and weather perfect. Good commentry onboard. Worth it for visit to shipwreck alone - awesome. Had good snorkelling session near Keri Caves which was a tremendous experience. If you feel you cannot stomach the full day, go for the half day cruise - well worth it.

Chris H           

Booked our trip with Thomson....What a waste of time.....Had a ride round the mountains to get to the place where we at to get the boat( which was lovely scenary).At to walk down this hill to get there..If you are on the less of the mobile side dont bother you have to walk back up this hill and when you reach the top are you grasping for breath even kids of the age 6yr to teens found it hard to climb......Gets on the boat if the sea ok would land on the beach of the shipwreck and be there for about 2 hours....No had to anchor if you wanted to go and see the wreck it was a case of jumping into the water and swimming to the wreck. Was there for 20mins....Then told will find a cove to go on....No cove.... so went out to sea which was a bit on the rough side. And the amount of people on the boat that was seasick just wanted to get off.....Spent about 1.1/2hrs on the beach where we boarded the boat which was nice.......Then went to this taverna just up the hill for a meal.....Which listening to some on the coach they just wanted to get back......

Leanne N           

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went on the island tour geroge the man we got our tickets off is really nice keep a look out for him if you are going

Melanie P           

booked this cruise from kalamaki even though we were staying in argassi. thought we would do all the sites in one cruise,not a good came late for us so when we got on the boat we ended up with the side of the boat with no views just looking out at the horizon.very crowded and toooooooo long . didnt see any turtles as promised, and once youve seen one cave uve seen them all. best part for me was smugglers cove amazing like paradise.after that the boat was like a ghost ship beacause everywhere i looked people were very sick, toilets, sinks and floors were covered in vomit , was waiting up to an hour to get to the toilet.  would never do a days cruise again.def recommend visiting the shipwreck but thats all!

Paul T           

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WE loved this trip. Book from the office and not from your rep, it will be cheaper. There is an office in the main street of Alykes run by an english couple who are friendly and welcoming. We went on the half day trip which leaves at 9.30 am and returns at 3pm. Food and drink is available on board, the fresh fruit salad is a must!!! Only cost 17 euros for the the trip, however we thought the  food prices on board where a little over priced, but what you got was good. A great trip, your camera is a must!!!  Make sure you wear water prove shoes as the beach looks like sand, but is little tiny stones and can be painfull with bare feat. There is a lot of graffitti on the shipwreck, so if you want to leave your mark, a small pot of paint would be a good idea!!click to enlarge

Steph B           

Well worth going to i thought but it depends on your taste. if you enjoy seeing sights then it is worth going to, but if not and you think once you've seen one cave you've seen em all...dont bother. i loved it though, but you'd think the sand at the shipwreck would be white and fluffy, it was actually tiny little pebbles and difficult to walk on. the water was spotlessly clear though, you could see the rocks at the bottom and it was nice and cold. people were jumping in off the boat into the water, it was loads fun. you get a tour guide who can speak english but you have to listen carefully. I actually went on the cruise around the whole island, so it went rather quick. 9am-5pm.

we found that it was cheaper booking it without your rep. for 2 adults it was 50 euros on the air conditioned and pool boat. the pool is the size of a pool table and you dont even need air con though cos you have a breeze from the boat cruising quickly. but it was a little less packed that the cheaper boat however.


I guess you have to visit the shipwreck, right?  Was an OK excursion, but felt very very long and I just wanted to get back by the end of it. Was average I'd say - wasn't particularly impressed by the blue caves (ones in Kefalonia are much better!).

Sim F           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeWe went on the full day trip and i agree, it was too long. most people were asleep! didnt get back til about half 6 then had to sleep! would have been better to do the half day cruise as you still get to go to the shipwreck but you get to stay longer. Well worth it though, the water is just amazing and ya just float in it coz its so salty! The beach isnt sand though, its small pebbles and they hurt! (although think i was the only one complaining coz i'm a wimp hehe).

Carole P           

The day trip was far too long, particularly as it was too windy to disembark at the shipwreck. The food on board was dreadful and very overpriced. Also, the tour guide was not "marvellous" but rather extremely annoying as the day went on. The only highlight was one of the Thomas Cook reps, Dougie, leading the diving off the boat fully clothed. Dougie saved the day!

Kelly W           

we booked our trip to see the blue caves and the shipwreck but it was too windy to go around to the shipwreck  so we only got to see the caves...and as someone on my boat said....a cave is a cave! gorgeous but boring after a while. so, make sure it's not too windy for little boats. we were told bigger boats could still visit the shipwreck but they were quite crowded and the trips last all day. had a 10 mins stop for swimming and then stopped for some food...our drivers annoyed one of the locals with their driving, she was screaming at them so that was quite entertaining! although we sat there having no idea what they were saying!

Laura B           

We didn't go the the smugglers cove, but went on a 'sunkissed cruise' which was in a word sublime. We spent the day on the boat touring the southern coast of Zante, going past the carreta-carreta reserve, stopping at the Keri Caves for photos and wondering at the magnificent scenery. One the way back, the boat stopped at a quiet cove were nearly everybody jumped of the ship into the aquamarine waters for a swim, a snorkel is a must! We then went onto another bay were the boat moored up for three hours and we were treated to a barbeque, more swimming and watersports. We decided to stay on the boat for great sunbathing without the sand and our meal was bought to us by one of the ships crew - service or what! There was a small bar that served drinks, food and icecreams, shaded areas and a full blown sun deck for the serious sunbathers. Take plenty of sun screen as a day on the boat is worth three days on the beach. I would highly recommend this trip as it was the highlight of our stay in Zante. This was booked through our rep and again thought slightly more expensive than the high street agents it was well worth it. The tour guide Steve was english and had a great sense of humour. The boat was great and there was a kids club to keep the kiddies amused. This is the memory of Zante I will keep in my head forever, feet dangling over the side of the boat whilst slipping though the calm blue and aquamarine ionian sea, with the sun turning your skin a golden brown. I was so relaxed by the end of it I had trouble walking to the coach! It's got to be done

Emma B           

click to enlarge Totally amazing!!!

Liz G           


Liz G           

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beautiful memories of beautiful island of zante," look at the fab waters of the shipwreck cove,"!!! absol freezing but when u get in so nice  after the heat "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"!!!!

Liz G           

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pic of boat we went with   beach not crowded and we went  early july

Liz G           

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jut some pics of the shipwreck and boat we went on look how lovely water is stunning but very cold

Liz G           

sorry meant to say two adults and one child we paid 42 euros

Liz G           

if u do get to go to zante please go on the shipwreck cruise u will not be disappointed, it was absol stunning and the tour takes u all way around island well worth what we paid 42 euros for two children and one child, we never book with reps as they were double this for the same boats!!! we stayed at the athina aparments, i cannot remember the name of the company we booked with but all i can say is if u go up the main kalamaki road past mermaids keep going on this side and past the supermarket i think it is the second travel agency  is an english man he advised us brill as all the other tours were charging further 5  each euros for this trip because u go on boat with swimming pool do not be fooled this pool is a s big as a billiard table and the boat is always full, go on the other boat, made 15 euros cheaper the same coach takes u to both boats right next to each other, we had brill tour spoke all launguages and was not full!!!the shipwreck island is absol stunning though it is really deep and cold so if u have little ones take armbands as water gets deep very quickly, beautiful water best i have seen since barbados, two swimming stops on way long day from 10 until got home about 6.30, lots of snacks and drinks avaliable to buy onboard also as usual was told to be at pickup at 10am but bus did not arrive until 10.30 but thats being  away from rat race


 my goodness! It was absolutely fantastic! Just came back from zante after staying in the soula studios in alikes for a weekat end of june. Me and my sis has a wonderful time. The boat cruise to see shipwreck was wonderful and breathtaking! I enjoyed the shipwreck bay but comments made about the water at shipwreck bay is freezing.! I couldnt get mybody in there! There were alot of pebbles on the beach which killed my feet. So take shoes! The sand was hot too! The blue caves were extrordinary its beautiful!

But th captain was so damn fine! and so was the tour guide!
The turtle trip wasnt worthit. It took aes and I was bored to death after seeing only 2 turtles in the sea! Half of the people on the boat were bored and with the heat beating on my head was no help!What was even more disappointing is that we couldnt even stop on the caretta island!
Apart from the the food was yummy and the people(men) were lovely! Greek men are the best!

Zoe W           

This trip was good for the swimming, but other than that it got a bit boring as it takes so long, which we were expecting, but still it was boring!  The water at the shipwreck is freezing, but so nice once you get in - you just have to go for it!  We didn't see any turtles, but later we went out on a pedalo on Laganas beach and we saw loads, and you don't have to go out very far!  So if you don't see any, don't despair there are other ways!  Lol!

Laura N           

We really enjoyed this trip.  We had seen the shipwreck from above when we went on the jeep safari so it was great to actually get down there on the boat trip.  Just beware that the sea is freezing and the beach is all stones!

Trevor P           

my family and myself have just got back from zante , we booked the shipwreck beach trip through a company called dionisos they made our trip the best trip we have ever been on if you can ask for the guide called steve as he was everso helpful . our boat along with others sailed into  the bay no probs and we were diving of the top deck of the boat into the clearest of seas ive ever swam in. the only draw back is the beach isnt sand but small stones . anyway that didnt ruin our trip as we saw 2 turtles dolphins and a monk seal  along with 2  otherswim stops totally brill   trev.

Denise H           

first of all we all met by coach at alykanas where we were waitng for our boat to arrive, But it did not turn up it had broken down. We then had to wait half an hour for coaches to arrive to take us to zakynthos town to get the broken down boat !!! we were then waiting for the boat to be fixed, the trip should of been back for just after lunch, but we did'nt get back untill after 6.00. It was very cold we had two babies with us not much fun at all and as stated in other comments we did'nt see anything much because of the rough sea. i personly would never go on the trip again but who knows you might enjoy it. i have been on a small boat before and he took us right into the blue caves and i did enjoy that, and it did'nt cost as much.

Stephanie P           


    I have just come back from a week in Alykanas and if your gonig i would defintiely reccomen the alykanas beach aparthotel it was fab, ideal location with pool and beach spitting distance apart it has everything you could need and there are a wide variety of shops and places to eat, plus for any girls out there there are plenty of fit male staff in the pool bar worth seeing !!!!
We did the boat trip to caves and shipwreck by big boat and my advice is defintiely steer clear, book with one of the smaller companies tht can take you by speedboat as we couldnt get onto shipwreck beach as it was too rough and we only had two swim stops for like 10 mins, i was very dissapointed after spending a whole day at sea and feeling sea sick!!! It was a good day out and if you go to Greece u cannot leave without seeing the shipwreck it is breathatking and one of the beautifulest sites i have seen, the blue caves are also good and if ur lucky enough to get in them i have heard u can get some amzing pics. All in all DEFINITELY do go on the trip to shipwreck and caves but book with a Small boat. I would be intersted to hear other peoples accounts of how their trip went, u can email me at

Robbie W           

we loved this trip .did full day boat trip with mamfredas tours ,really good value ,visited blue caves ,shipwreck and other areas . got chance to swim three times. kids loved it as much as we did definately would go again .

 tip if you book tours at mamfredas you get a discount if you book so many trips at once we went on three trips

Nigel W           

we enjoyed the first part of the trip the crew realy tried to make every one welcome  the caves a realy nice   the ship wreck  quite interesting altough i think the view from above is better  but as we had gone on the right round the island tour we found it a little long  and the people who sell the tours should advice better about taking warm clothing as it got quite cold at times in the wind and there where a few on board not prepaired for it . i think i would go for a quicker boat next time

we did manage to see 3 turtles on the trip

Edi E           

went on this trip yesterday. it was a good day out but i think it took a little too long to get there. i would say about 2 hours to get here on the big boat.

was nice on the way back as we stoped at st nicks and had lunch as they stoped there for an hour.
also at the shipwrek, the beach wasnt crowded as it was the first trip of the season. also the boat was full and on the way back i sunbathed on the top deck for an hour till we arrived back in zante town.
we left argassi at 8.45 and got back about 4.30-5ish.
good day out.

Jessica A           

If any one is considering booking a trip to the Blue Caves/Ship Wreck, please take my advice, and book a speed boat not the big delphi ships. We made the mistake of booking with the larger ship and we were surrounding by hundreds of cramped, stressed people. There we not enough seats for everyone and spent most of the trip with standing room only.

The Shipwreck beach itself was ok, beautiful water, veiws etc. But the beach was absolutly packed full with two huge boats worth of people and it was difficult to find somewhere to relax as the beach is reletivly small. (There was no shade, so take a hat or something similar).

The Tour Guide started to annoy us too, mumbling away in his three diffrent languages. In the end each language sounded like the next. I suppose if the boat hadn't of been so crowded, the tour guide wouldn't of bothered me in the slightest. Guess I got a bit stressed!

I have worked and holidayed on the Greek Islands many times and thoroughly enjoy the experiance of the Greeks and the Greek Culture and landscape. This trip could of been better, but we live and learn and next time we will book with a smaller boat -  Im convinced we would of enjoyed it more!

Oh and the other comments about taking shoes.... I agree, the stones really hurt - Take some suitable foot wear!

Simon W

my wife,myself and the kids are going to the daisy studios apartments in 2 weeks .this is our frst time to greece and would appreciate any comments on absolutely anything with regards to the accomadation and or attractions and anything else you might think would be of interest.many thanks. please feel free to e-mail me at

Eve M           

The boat trip was okay but when we got to the shipwreck the sun had risen over the cliff top and there was no shade of any description

Leanne B           

I visited the Ship Wreck and Blue Caves in July it was a beautiful day and the ship wreck was stunning a great value for money ! The water was clear blue and after getting off the boat you was able to swim in it . The drive to the harbour from Tsilivi was very long but was worth it .

Nicola D           

We went on a trip around the island, can't remember the boat name tho! Apparantely there all similar! Boat was rather crowded, but just enough space to feel a little comfortable, take whatever the tour guides who sell it you say lightly tho!!!

Sea was very rough around Shipwreck which made me feel sea sick!!! worth it tho, shipwreck is amazing to see. The caves were all pretty too and there were opportunities to swim in the sea there.
 One negative, sea was rough on the day of our trip so we never had the opportunity to go onto the shipwreck beach, just viewed it from the boat which pulled into the cove as much as it could.
Would recommend not to sit on top deck, no shelter from sun and when the sea gets rough the plastic chairs do move, even when people are sat on them!
  Also be aware that you are sat on a boat for around 8 hours so take plenty of food and water as boats do rip you off!
would recommend this as long as you don't get sea sick easily or sit on top deck!

Adrieanne H           

we only visited the ship wreack, which was beautiful, it was kind of a cold day but seemed to get warmer on the beach! TAKE SOME SHOES IF YOUR GOING TO GET OFF THE BOAT AT THE SHIPWRECK THE STONES HURT YOUR FEET! the boat wasnt too full which was good! we had a good day out however i think it would have been better to stop at more places! good value for money i only paid 13 euors for the trip! the staff were friendly, however the coach transfers were over booked so people were stadning up on the coach! so more coaches are needed next time! all round good day!

Not good for people who get sea sick!    

Derek B           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

We booked with Pelargos tours in Argassi (near to the Magic mushroom in the main street).

We took the trip on theAlexandros the larger of the two boats the tour is a full day taking in about 4 stops,although the day we took the trip the boat could not stop at the shipwreck due to rough seas.
A stop for lunch of about 1 and a half hours is made in a cove where swimming is allowed in clear blue water.
Lunch is available on the boat in snack form ie filled rolls crisps and some warm meals,drinks are also available.
Although the trip is not as informative as the tour by coach is again should not be missed,a word of warning take something warm to ware if you intend to stay on the open deck during sailing as it can be quite cool (October 2005)
Cost 20 euro each and half price for children

Carolyn F           

 once again the boat tour was fantastic,we paid 15 euros each.the food onboard was a bit pricey but very nice.we went on the fast boat and thought it should have had a few more stops - the windmill at skinari is a beautiful spot to swim and take pictures.we werent near enough to the coastline as on previous times so the resorts were that clear to see.but would go again.if only to go to the shipwreck. 

Julian P           

click to enlarge click to enlargePhotos of the boat

Kate F           

Was a lovely trip.  We took ages to decide who to book with after reading other people comments!!  We booked with Smile Tours on the Kalamki road just past the Mermaid n Soda Bar.  The English girl was very helpful and not at all pushy, the bus picked us up on time from the office and off we went.  As mentioned by others, the beach at the Ship Wreck is stones, it really hurts your feet!  Make sure you have some kind of swim shoes, you will need to paddle slightly to get off the boat!  The colour of the sea will take your breath away.  A very enjoyable day.  We booked the half day trip at for 15 euros, this was from 9 til 4, and was long enough, was hoping to see some dolphins but unfortunately did not

A very good grip.