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Holidaymaker X          2/10

had a terrible experience at this hotel unwelcoming hotel would avoid at all costs

Danny r Ricketts          10/10


Harry S

Harry S          10/10

 ''Best Place Ever''

You must be thinking why? O.K. yes they take your passports, yes no food or drink aloud
unless purchased from snack bar, 30 eu to bring someone back for overnight stay, 50 for a week for aircon , 20 eu for a safe and yes they charge you if you break anything. So if anyone knows a hotel that doesn't  please tell me as I can't find one, unless I pay extra

Jane W          10/10

After reading the bad reviews on Tripadvisor and Watchdog even as far back as 2000 they all had one thing in common damages and charges this led me to deduce one thing pay back for the Hotel. They went on and on about this charge that charge this damage that damage how they had to pay for aircon,safes,drinks food,washing ext. ext did they expect to get everything for free. Every hotel around

the world charges for exactly the same things this includes greece. So do what i did ignore the reviews that rated the hotel a 1 as these are grudge reviews and just read the rest. This will give you a more accurate description of the hotel and you will know exactly what to expect and have a great time like me.

Lewy R          1/10

I am joining the many reviewers of the Mariana and would advise NO-ONE TO STAY AT THE HOTEL MARIANA:


Initial impressions of arriving at the hotel werenít great with a unclean pool, small bar and outdated well everything; these arenít the worst of the Mariana! The biggest revenue the Mariana has is the fines it puts on the people staying there.


There is a Ä30 fine for bringing girls back from the strip to your room (if your single there isnít much more youíd rather do on a holiday other than this!). They tried to fine us for having an extra knife in the draw in our room. A FINE FOR HAVING AN EXTRA KNIFE! They pinned a Ä50 fine on us for a broken table after they had said the room was ok and given us back our passports (they had other passports from other rooms to hold against us). Pinned a Ä60 fine for damages that were already in the very low budget room. Paid Ä50 for air con that hardly even worked.


The hotel bar is VERY over-priced. Reps are annoying and try to get with girls than help us out with our troubles with fines, do yourself a massive favour and just get shirts for nights out at the clubs in the day time! Or just go out with your mates rather than give reps money. We got off lightly but all of this cropped up on the last night and left a massive sour note on the holiday.


I am currently trying to get this hotel off Thomas Cook because even more of this kind of thing happened to people who were also staying there including accusations of flipping beds to hide stains. By the end of our holiday we were really paranoid not to damage anything in fear of fines! Not a holiday, more a concentration camp!



Tasha W          10/10

after reading the reviews me and my 4 other friends were absolutely dreading it. We were expecting a grotty little hovel with dirty rooms and to be charged ridiculous amounts for everything. it was our first girls holiday and these reviews put a downer on our holiday. HOWEVER. On arrival the reception is not up to much and we were dreading it more and more by the second but when we went to out rooms, they were clean, they were basic but what do you expect on an 18 - 30's holiday? DO NOT sign up for any of the things the reps offer you, we said no to them all and the reps were off with us all holiday but everyone we spoke to about them said they were such a waste of money and when you go on the strip you see everyone who has been to them and has then left to just go out and do their own thing. as for this 'dark alley' you have to walk up to get to the strip. Itís actually a slip road and has a hotel on the side and is only about 10 meters long! as soon as you come out of this 'dark alley' your first bar is right in front of you and so the hotel is a perfect place.
The owners of the hotel donít let you drink anything around the pool that is not bought from their bar but people saying the water is so overprices are just lying, its one euro for a bottle of water... the cocktails are the same price as everywhere else the only things that are expensive are things like bottles of Strongbow and WKDS for example but if you go to any bar they are the same price everywhere you go they will be between 4-5 euros.
You can buy alcohol from the hotel shop which is really cheap, a litre of Malibu was 13 euros, and you can buy food and water from any shop and keep it in your fridge. However the hotel does say you can only store alcohol from the hotel shop in your frige but we went out and got bottles of Smirnoff ice and Strongbow from a shop called DIA down the road which is REALLY cheap, 99 cents for a bottle of strongbow and just hid it in a bag and then put it in the fridge and nobody said a thing.
The maids come in almost every day and empty your bins and change the bedding and they are friendly, the hotel owners are not the happiest of people but at the end of the day it is not a holiday to them it is them simply doing their job. They are very lenient, it states on the wall any noise after 12 will result in a fine of 150 euros, but me and my friend were running around the hotel, screaming, shouting, laughing until 9 in the morning.
As for the passports, you can collect your passport the following day but one has to be left from each room which is fair enough imagine how many people refuse to pay damages, or you can leave a credit card or cash deposit but we all left ours as it was the safest option so we didnít loose them. We paid 50 euros for air con (BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!) and 20 euros for a safe, but if there is under 7 of you, then share a safe, they are really big, we had one between 3 and loads of room left
When the final day came we notices a crack in our wardrobe, the aircon remote dial has gone blank and a few marks on our bedsheets and we felt sick at the thought that we would be charged loads like the reviews said, and while he was checking the room we were panicking so much. But when we went to the hotel bar to retrieve our passports, we had no charges WHATSOEVER between two rooms if you respect the hotel and the owners and treat the room as if it was youre own house then you will love it here. There is always a sunbed spare, thefood at the hotel bar is not too bad, the sex on the beach cocktail at the bar is FIT. And we LOVED zante!


Mark L

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Yooooooo! what's happenin ya'll loveing the way this hotel sounds great.. Honest! who's assed anyway me n the lad's r getting messy ere!! 19th auguest till 27th were gunna be ere if anyone ere same time us add me on facebook don't be shy Mark Leaky  yer 5 scouse lad's!!!!!!!


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great holiday , but this place was a pile of sh*t , dont stay there! the rooms are crap and dirty, then u get charged for silly lil things, got charged 20euro for a tiny black mark on the bed cover which was there when we started, friend got charged 50euro for being chucked in the pool. even met a guy who got accused of **** and got chucked out. but anyway great clubbing apart from that.

pete and the cheltenham lads

Dennie L

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London Girls in ibiza last year - Was a knock out!

Cya in Zante boysssss!

Darren M          10/10

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awryty ther teeeeem

jist ae say tae aww u mariana bound punetrs oot ther at erz 5 glagow boiz takin tour in zante oan eh 17th july o8 fur 2 fukin ravin bevy sessioned weeks:d/ weer 1st tymes tae the zante scene so ladies dnt b shy 2 c*m say hi n aww english boys doubt yeez wul b able ae keep up eh pace weel b huvin a few partyz in eh room efter a nyt oot n wat sorts so ladies if ye heer music fae oor room jist gee it a wee chap chap n yeez ur more than welcome ae c*m n join izz ahaha fukiiiiin luviiiiiin iiiiit:d/

Martyn P          5/10

well wot can i say. holiday in a whole was brilliant!! had a great time and met alot of nice ppl!! however, the aussies that own this hotel r 2 numptys!!!

do not spend all ure money cz cme ure last day wen ure checking out the aussis will charge u for something or u wont get ure passports bk!!
that is the only down side to r holiday was findin out we had been charged for the safe key which we never used once on the holiday!!! 40 euros for 2 weeks of non use!!!
however if u are goin to the mariana make sure u give it loudy wen the reps ask u to preform the song tht me and my five mates came up with on the first night walkin to the school disco with rep Guy! u ready do do do du mariana!!
the clubs r quality and if u like to party all night u will b in the right place!!!

Jackie M          1/10

just back from zante had a fab time, met great ppl. clubs r great, loads to choose from. was very dissapointed when got to apartment, complete s**t hole, two australian men own it and there really ignorant. there was a dirty  brown stain on my bed sheet behind the pillow and they wudnt change it for me. my mate had pee stain on his bed. we had to use beach towels to lay on. they charge 15 euros for bath towels also when you should get them free. we had no kettle, it was 15 euros if we wanted 1. 35 euros to use the fridge and 20 for cooker, they charge for everything. when we were leaving he said we had bent the key and that we owed him 35 euros but we only had 20 left so he took that. you cant take drink or food to the sun loungers unless u buy if from the bar and it costs fortune, 5 euro for small bot water,smirnoff ice.etc. our balcony luked onto a building site. whatever you do dont stay there unless youve loadsa money, you'll regret it. other than that zante is leathel. have fun.x 

Claire H          10/10

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BACON BUTTIES!!!Just arrived home from two amazin weeks in zante-the best holiday ever!There were 10 of us scouse 'ladies' stayin at the mariana and omg it was fab!We met loadsa boss people(wallasey lads,london lads etc)and had the best laughs around the pool.Peter and John,the auzzie managers are both amazin and we got on with them sooooo well(especially pe)CHIPS AND CHEESE!!!miss u guys alreadyCry

The apartments were absolutely spotless,cant find one bad thing to say about em.In fact the Mariana is the best place ive ever stayed!we will deffo be coming back next year!The reps were also gr8-Hayley,Georgie and James,cannot wait til the re-union!Thanx for the best holiday ever to everyone at the Mariana-loved it!xx

Vikki G          10/10

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CHIPS AND CHEESE! OZZY BURGER! omg i have just come bk from this holiday wiv 3 of my mates n i have 2 say that it was the best holiday i have ever been on, pete and jon were wikid so down to earth. The reps (georgie,james n hayley) were great they made you feel so at home. the hotel was clean n tidy n the rooms were quite big, i must say though if u r in the new building near the shop the bloody parrots will wake you up, me n my mate kirst found this out with our room bein right next 2 them. At this hotel everyone gets 2 kno everyone, on the same corridor as us we had the scottish lads "get a sesh on!".  The hotel is in an ideal location not 2 far away from the strip, the strip omg was amazin if u get the chance go 2 the hed khandi gig but most of all the school disco, as the school disco you get a 2hr free bar wiv tonnes of drinkin game "Roxanne" lolz. Chevvy's is the place 2 eat!! omg n corbie i noticed u put a comment on here ages ago... bloody add me corn beef love 2 talk 2 u agen

Sam B

hiya just come back from the mariana n it is the best holiday i have every been on. the hotel was nice, pete n john were soo funny n the reps were brilliant. it is clean and you only get charged for stuff that u break which if fair enough. it is close to the strip so not 2 noisy but if you get people like we did they will be singin outside your door at 6 oclock evry morning.

Gemma R

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alrite everyone, jsut to warn ya theres about 20 manchester grammar girls c*min 2 marianna on the 29th june and 1st july for a fortnight . were all well excited, can't wait to stay in the clubs till 8 am insted of having 2 p**s off home at 3 which u have 2 do round here. all lookin 4wad to meeting you loverly british people .cya then x x x x

George G          10/10

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what a coincedence lads....wooooooooooooooooo!!! zante zanteeeeeeeeeeeee........zanteeeeeee zanteeeeeeeeee....i cant wait mannnnn, if we fort protara-cyprus was goood think about this holiday c*ming up.....we got 6 less then last year boizz, memba its 10 boiz all 2geva with charlie and chris wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!......btw everyone i will be sittin on my balcony naked i warn everyone and i will be sleepin on it naked...sorry for any inconvienience and penis you may witness . what a deep holiday mannn ima cry ... i just like using smiley faces, see you soon boyzzz wooooooooooooooooooaoaoscaocosavoasvosoadv

George G

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ME! + 7 other gna b in mariana appartments from the 8th of July!

Cant wait!

Aron R

click to enlarge 8north london boooiiiz... 8th-22nd July '07! Gona be a craaaazzzyyy 2weeks!

Corbie O          10/10

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sen goggz, am c*min we ya. maaaaagic! if any1 see's ma there, i will b wasted... and if im not, give it a few hours and i will b!

Jack R          5/10

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Hi everybody,
Cant wait for the holiday this year hittin zante in july arrivin on the 16th for two weeks should be a good laugh, celebratin my 18th there with my sister some friends coming out with us and meeting friends over there so more fun!
Heard some bad things and good things about this place so lets hope for the best.
Included some picture here of some of us going.  First theres me jack and secondly is portia my sister with the cigis in her gob but she dont smoke. Will upload pictures of the other three when i get a chance there is more of us but only five who are staying here.
So bring on the summer baby and see who evers there, there.
jacko_riley @ hotmail .co .uk

Daniel S

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hey ya peeps ne 1 goin 2 zante late may? give us a shout 7 of us lads are there

Shaun E

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hey peepz.....8 of us going <<<<<...just wondering wot to expect, ne good? we're going on 26th july by the way, if theres ne body going round the same time, comment....going for 2 weeks

Katie A

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hello we are the northern hotties, going on the 28th may... anyone around then? xx 

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