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Sarah L          10/10

Hay all hope ur all ok.. Just want to say thank very much for the lovely stay at ur hotel I don't have one fault about ur hole family r really nice if I ever come bk I will b staying with u again.. Plz can u still message me wen u family comes down from australia or giv then my number if I still have it so they can tell me things wat r good to do for web I go to Australia o ly 4months left till I gooooooo.. Eeeeeeek.. XxX love u all.. Thank u.. XxX

Philippa M          10/10

I loved staying at this hotel  The staff were really welcoming and the brothers who own it took time out to get to know you well and greet you every day when you came down from your room. The rooms were really spacious and clean, only problem was lack of kitchen utensils, but we tended to eat at the hotels restaurant where the food was excellent and well priced. I would deffinately choose this hotel again, but not reccomend it for familys but groups of people aged 16 - 25 as its located at just the right distance from the strip. The pool was great, just the right size to meet other groups, as I came with 5 girls and ended up getting to know groups of people from sizes between 5 - 16. Our group particulary liked the young girl who served us at the pool bar, she was great! Thankyou all for making our holiday one to remember, Miss it all so much  !!!

Philippa xx

Jessica J          10/10

Brilliant holiday, stayed here with 14 girls and it was just so much fun. Yannis and Akis are great and let us make as much noise as we wanted...also met lots of other groups here which was good. Pool is great, beach is so close and exellent location from the strip as you can actually sleep at night as its a 10 min walk away. I'd recommend this hotel to any groups but not really families, especially during summer its a bit crazy. Poll bar was great, food and drinks very reasonable. Rooms clean enough only downside is small hobs and few kitchen implements but it didnt matter, we still loved it!

Jade S          10/10


Missed Me??
Brilliant Two Weeks!!
Brilliant Room's
Brilliant Food!
Brilliant Pool!
Everything Was Just Superb
.. Hope Your All Doing Ok
Lol.. Thankyou For Everything !!
Really Made Our 2 Week's Ace!!
Take Care .. Hope Yo See You Soon!!
All My Love Jadeee.. x

Amanda P

Hi too all hope everyones well thankyou for a wicked 2 weeks it was great rooms and service were first class best holiday in along time everyone says hello and we all hope too be back too see ya soon all my love amanda xxx

Lisa S          7/10

We have just returned from the garden palace apartments and its a ok place if you  dont intend on doing much cooking as facilities not  that good, nice pool , pleasant staff , good location for  bars  and restaurants and  the beach ........................................................................................

Ray M          1/10

This place is really best avoided. It looks like it is on its last legs & the two brothers who run it clearly have no idea how to turn it around. Their response is just to be surly, rude & aggressive to anyone who they think is not giving them enough money in the form of custon at their bar, extra for air-conditioning, etc. My family and I were well-behaved, friendly and polite, but, because we did not spend a fortune on their over-priced and mediocre food & watery beer and because we had the temerity to ask if we could receive a phone call to get my daughter's A-level results (the answer was an aggressive "no"), we were treated with relentless petulence and hostility. If you have a family, or if you want to do something during your time in Zante other than drink at the bar and stroke the egos and line the pockets of these awful people, my advice is: stay away!

David M          10/10

just got back from the garden palace,what a place clean well maintend,the bar area was fantastic the food excellent and as for yannis and aggis the owners and there wifes atheana and olger you could not have had better hosts.i like to think i am a well traveled person and have been to the greek islands many time including seven times to zante and can honestly say this is the best hotel i have been to.youdo get young and old there but the brothers do not stand for a lot of late night noise,as for location it is three minutes from the beach and five from the busy resrt centre close but not to close.i strogly recommed this hotel for the young and old,and will be staying there again for defient .

Nora C

Hi everyone! Could you help me to find any contact with Garden Palace Apartments in Zante Laganas?

It would be really important but I can't find a contact number nor an email address to them.
My email is:norarose2@gmail.con
Thank you very much!!!!

Little S


Me and my friends booked up to stay at the havana in july 2008 however after a few weeks we found out that kosmar were no longer dealing with the havana studios anymore ( not that the travel agents told us) anyway after 3 hours or so in the travel agents we were moved to the garden palace. In terms of location this accomodation was not ideal - a good 25 minute walk to the strip but only a short walk from the beach. The apartments themselves were ok however very basic we were shocked to see that the apartments did not have appliances such as a kettle and a toaster considering they were self catering apartments.Despite this the apartments did have air con in some of the rooms which was quiet expensive, the rooms also had a safe which you also had to pay for.

lil Sal x

Kayleigh V          9/10

click to enlargeWe just got back from Zante on Sunday 13th July, me and my cousin Lauren loved it that much....we are going back out to live there on the 3rd of August. We have both been offered jobs by family friends out there and we also have an apartment waiting for us! My parents got married on Cameo Island when we were there was amazing!
The temp latley has not reached below 35 degrees! So best stock up on them ice cubes and sun block high  factors!
Hope everyone has an amazing time the only thing that did out me off was the VOILENCE on the strip, its like a football fan hooligan riot every night.....the amount of fights i had to stop was unreal!

Shaun B

hey guys.  cant seem to fing many pics of the apartments anywhere.  if any of you have some could you post them or email me at .  also noticed that some of you are going earlier than me so it would be cool if you got some.

have a great time there all, still gutted we have to wait till august 31st!!!!

Kayleigh V

Im only 19, but we have like 28 members of the family going as my parents are getting married out there on their own private island at sunset and im bridesmaid woop!!!!

Im gunna sweating in a huge bridesmaid dress!

but like all my girl and boy cousins are coming woop woop

Kayleigh V

woo i cant wait i fly a week come sunday! 28 of us going from newcastle baby! for parents wedding!

im staying in the garden palace, so their better be some fit totty there eh girls haha!

Natalie =

In answer to the person below. We booked with first choice and it was with Kosmar, I'm sure of it.

We're going on the 13th July. Can not wait. We're younguns aswel.

Cheryl A

    can anyone tell me who they booked the garden palace with have been going for the past 5 years but was told could not book it this year as someone else took over used to book through kosmar   thanks

Sam S          10/10

hello im sam i am 15 i have been staying at the garden palce every year since i was 6 it is a great place to stay not far from this real cool beach or from laganas town the owners are real freindly and your find that everyone over there are too it a great place for familys so times theres a group of youths there but not many and if they are any trouble pete always knows how to cool them down its a great place to stay the pool great and if you go beforew i do next can you check that my pompy tops still on the roof of the snack bar it say from the sullivans thanks and if you need to know anything dont be shy to ask thanks x

Natalie W

The hotel from hell 'Amityville Horror!' the staff are rude the manager is a nutter! The pools dirty ive come back home with a chest infection! Bedding was never changed! Everyone i spoken 2 on the holiday had a story about the owner or something about the hotel.Queing for our flight back to Manchester about 3 different groups made complaints the rep looked very stressed! we've made an complaint and have written to head office for anyone going there god help you! apart from Gardan hell you be fine its amazing!!!! country house is best place to eat n then onto 4-Play for your 3Euro cocktail n shot! next central etc etc end it with cherry bay!!!

Mark C          7/10

just got back from garden palace was nice to see them all again. the apts are lovely we stopped in room 19 it was massive. first week there was great then all the morons started to arrive. you couldnt walk along main street after 12 oclock at night with your family for these morons shouting in the bairns faces. the island is a fantastic place been ruined by stupid morons.we will go back but only in june when these morons are not there.

Sam S          10/10

 hey im sam i go to garden palce every year and i put the pompy top on the snack bar roof im going on august 16 for a month hope to c u there if ur going soon give baby pete a kiss 4 me xxxx

Nick W

It was our first time there and were not going back so what are you on about you little chav. You sound like your a little rarfy ding that makes our region so sad. Probably darlo or Boro with language like Divvy and Me like. My house probably cost more than they paid for that over there , land is cheap over there you know but you probably know that if you werent like 13 or summat, By the way luv were not hooligans and you have no idea how we were treated there so heres an idea Beat it!!!!!

Kieron S          10/10

been reading sum ov these comments ,cant understand why people say nasty things about the garden palace.i am only ten and i loved every minute being there i played in the pool everyday .me and my sister enjoyed sitting round the pool having a good time the snack bar is very nice the owners were very friendly to us all.cant wait to go back as i loved everything there.

Dave S          10/10

we went garden palace 05 owners were brill .they were very friendly with everybody.location was excellent .yannis was great with us .had no complains with anything. we enjoyed that much that 24 of us are going in july 07.if anyone has contact no. would be great.some of the reports about the family were crap.but they were very nice people who would do anything to help u.

Jenni G          10/10

click to enlarge

hahahahaha check your s**t out!! if u didnt like it that much why go back eh???? u sad little divvy!! i thought it was rather wicked me self like had a good laugh with yannis pete n akis the girls anall!!! u didnt hav 2 stay at the bar and put your money init. it's not as if they needed it out of your pocket is it??? haha they own the place for gods sake what do u own?? you wouldnt like it either if a load of people came in your house and started goin wild like hooligans would you?? u know wot 2 do dont ya book up some where else!!! yannis akis you are fabulous so are the rest of your family!! nevermind s**ts like them hahaha love yas xxxxx

Dayl B           

Hey, i stayed at garden palace twice afew years ago, thought it was excellent! Pete, Akis and yannis! awsome lads! Felt us feel right at home, people saying that it's not for young lads, it's obviously the respect they thought they were getting. dont spose anyone has any of their emails or a contact number? im going back in may for my 18th with my girlfriend and afew lads. if so can you email or msn me cheers :) daryl

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