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Karen D          10/10

Hi Thanks for the invite to staff end of season party Love and miss you all see you next year
Karen & selwyn

Dazza S          10/10

Very sad to hear about George. We have been on loads of holidays but those two weeks in tsilivi at the Admirals were fantastic because of George. R.I.P mate.


Just found out about George. R.I.P. Another great person has been taken. Our best holidays ever where made by you x

Pauline B          1/10

My friend & I have just returned from staying at the Tsilivi Admiral hotel The hotel was clean , The staff were miserable & sirly with the exception of the reception girls.
The food was SERIOUSLY AWFUL so much so we had no option but to eat out. The food was warm at best. It was continuously a combinaton of left overs from the last meal made up into either Pasta or rice salad. I don't mind this but it comes to rock bottom when the pasta salad contains large pieces of the breakfast times fried Eggs and brussel Sprouts also in a salad. The continual production of left overs at both lunch and dinner became unpalettable and by Tuesday it was almost totally leftovers.
The desserts were chid friendly, jelly, angel delight, packet mix Cheesecake or ice cream.
Food did improve on Wednesday as though a new week had begun and all leftovers had been used
The whole mealtime experience was organised chaos. there was no flow to the system at all. You had to back track on yourself continually to pick up bowls, plates, napkins etc. Food was often run out.
Restaurant staff took your plates away almost before you had time to put your fork down then when you went for you dessert your table was cleared and  reset.
As a Catering & Hospitality Manager I have never witnessed such awful catering 

Barry W

  rip george adams.legend

Emma M          9/10

Hi, we have just come back from Zante, literally 4 days ago and we stayed at the Tsilivi Admirals.  I must be honest and say that after reading some really mixed reviews I was a little nervous..... However I can safely say that we had the best holiday ever and the hotel was fine!! We went self catering and ate out each night, but the room we had was great. It was basic but that was all we needed, as long as it has air con, which is does, then your sorted. There is a problem there with ants I would say, but as long as you dont drop food and leave it on the floor then its fine, you will see a few scurrying around here and there but as long as you clean up then your ok. The rooms were clean and the maid came every day to change the bins and sweep and mop and every other day to change the towels and sheets.  We spent a few hours round the pool which was lovely but spent most of our time at the beach or scuba diving etc theres loads to do there from water sports to boat trips. We LOVED the Corner Cocktail bar where Oliver, Dee Dee, George and Demitre were great fun!! We didn't go down to see any of the hotel entertainment, but I think it was ok, I know someone was murdering the karaoke one night. I think the only complaint I had with the hotel was that on our last day, we were waiting for the bus to collect us and my boyfriend decided to order a bacon sandwich, the lady that served us was so rude!! I couldn't believe it, she gave me a really disgusted look when I asked for a bottle of water??? Very strange!! There are alot of other nationalities that holiday there, from Polish to Russian, Germans etc. And they were a bit funny and rude and gave you funny looks which was a little off putting when you were round the pool in the day. I agree that they could do with cheering up a little........... Fantastic holiday though would highly recommend Zante, especially Tsilivi to anyone.

Soph J          10/10

does anybody know mickeys second name? wanna find him on facebook :-)

Darren M          10/10

Hello everyone I used to work in the admiral you might see some dodgy pics of me lol , just wanted to say hello to all the guests me georgie and micky had such a laugh with around 2004 , 2005 ? (blur) if anyone has facebook or out like that (leeds accent lol) add me darren martin itll be good to catch up cheers peace out !

Keri G          10/10

Just back for the 4th time in october and had a fab time like always. The entertainment wasn't as good for the kids this time. Glad to see a lot of the staff again and had fun playing dominos with altine :). Booked up for the 9th may 2010 so I'll see every1 soon so get stocked up with red vodka mikey lol xx

Stavros R          7/10

Went the the Admirals in May 2009.  If your really fussy then you wont like it.  This is just simply a greek hotel and like most has the basic facitlities, but come on how often are you actually in your hotel.  This was fine and i will be back next year.  You've got to think about what is around and about as well, this is a fab resort and the greeks are so welcoming what more do you want.
Lee and Cath

Keri G          10/10

29 days and ill be back. Hope it isn't as bad as am reading :( x


Hi   ihas anyone been to the  Admiral Apartments this year.  We are going this year and would love to hear some up to date recent views please.......

Mick D          1/10

Well, what can I say?  Very disappointing visit in 2008.  From what was a predominantly English self catering complex in 2006 to an overun by Polish on All Inclusive 'cattle' type holidays in 2008!

Trying to get a drink at the bar was an absolute joke!  One particular Polish guy really did take the mick.  Him and his family would be in the queue with their little green wrist bands on get a drink, take them to a table then start queing again for their next! 
It really is overun by Eastern Europeans and I absolutely will NOT be returning again. 
Tsilivi is a lovely place and deserves credit. The Admirals however, is no longer a firm favorite of my family and friends.
Well done to whoever decided to make it a Polish Free For All. You've driven out the people that made you your money, The English.

Dazza S          10/10

So sorry to hear about George's dog. We only met him in 2006 on our hols in the Admirals and he made our two weeks extra special. Our thoughts are with you George.

Barry W

id just like to send my condolances to george adams.his dog got run over and killed last was a white poodle and was his best friend.polly slipped her lead and just ran in the so sorry george.

Lorraine S

went to the admirals again this year because enjoyed it so much last year as GEORGE made the hotel an my god what a difference a year made the hotel has gone to pot  hardly slept all the noise people jumping in the pool screaming at 3 in the morning im not at all a misery but when ya getting woke up by idiots jumping in the pool drunk thats takes the mick so im affraid i wont be going again but will go back to tsilivi

Lee M          10/10

We had a brilliant time in zante. Our first time to zante and we are definately returning. The admirals were great apart from the miserable polish and germans. they need to enjoy there holidays more. Mickey was class. the only other thing was we sometimes did not getr any towels for us to use in the bathroom so had to go to reception and get some. twiced not end up getting any at all.

Garry W          9/10

We had two great weeks in July, but I did find the Polish quite rude. The biggest problem was trying to get a sunbed in the morning. It's true many people did put out towels the night before, which is totally unacceptable. They also used the towels from their bathroom, not the normal beach towel. One night I counted 58 towels out on the loungers on my return from a night out, I thought thats enough, collected them all in and dumped them in reception, having a good laugh with Mikey whilst doing it. Two nights later, same again but this time I had 3 kids as helpers, but we all tripped at the same time and the towels happen to fall into the pool, Whoooops! we had a good laugh at the time and I would encourage others to do the same

Gemma H

Lovely hotel very clean but i would agree with past comments about funny looks from the other people who are not english, the main group being the polish. also very bad around the pool for towels/reserveing sunbeds at one point there was  2 people in the pool and every bed taken and the worst thing was some towels where still folded and had actually been there all night 

Lesley P

We were there until the 16th June and the exchange rate was 1.20. This was the same for everywhere.

Paul H

Does anybody know the current exchange rate in tsilivi


Dazza S

Its a shame about the Admirals but i was just wondering whatever happened to George? Anybody know?

Nick & Linda

We saw the writing on the wall last year as well.  We were warned about the limited rooms for Thomas Cook this year.  Had a total of 5 great holidays at The Admirals but we made the decision to go elsewhere for our holiday in 2008, as the atmosphere was changing.  It's the end of an era and I doubt we'll find a similar place where we want to return to again and again.  Enjoy counting your money Mr Christos, even if it is coming from miserable looking, unsociable and arrogant people.  Nuff said..........The End.

Sharon D          1/10

We were there in october last yr and we knew that it was changing this yr no george and only the 50 rooms to Thomac cook customers so we then decided we will not be back to the admirals again but back to tsilivi sorry our fears came true and such a good hotel has been wasted as we have spend 3 yrs there and enjoyed many night there, but im afraid it is all about money now they will make more money will all inc now than there loyal customers now and sod the rest of us

Lesley P          4/10

Well well well. What a difference a year makes. We have just returned from the Admirals (4th year in a row) and never again. Dont get me wrong. The rooms were still clean and the maid service good. However, the hotel is now over run with other nationalities. We were told by staff that there are now only 50 rooms that are available for the English. This would not be a problem as we can usually get on with anyone and have made many friends in Tsilivi over the years. However, the majority of people who were staying at the Admirals were arrogant, ignorant and looked at you like you were crap on the bottom of their shoe. I thought that it was only us that felt this way but alot of others felt the same. We met people there who we had met there previous years and they said that they would not return either. There was also alot of noise at night. So that they can deal with the all inclusive market, they have built a stage outside near the pool. This however means that no room is a quite room and i was awake one morning until 3oclock with the noise. My family goes on holiday to have a good time and to also relax, so this is not ideal. We only spent one day in the Admirals pool as we were looked at like freaks if our children jumped into the pool (my children are well behaved and are not left to run riot like some). We saved for a year to go on holiday to the Admirals again and we were made to feel like outcasts. We went out one evening for 4 hours and when we returned, someone had been in our room. Nothing had been taken but that was not the point. When we spoke to reception, they did not know what to say and we never got to the bottom of it. I would recommend that your purchase the safety deposit box. Also, in previous years, we have purchaesd the air condition on a daily basis, as and when we have needed it. However, when we tried to purcahse this a day before we left, we were told that we could not have it as it has to be purchased for a minimum of three days, so be careful of this too. I do not want to put people off. Others may go and have a fantastic time but i am really dissapionted this year as the 3 years before have been fantastic.

We will definetely go back to Tsilivi but will not go to the Admirals again. This is a shame as we loved it here but from what we have been told by other families, we are not the only ones who will not be returning.

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