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Hazzzza Fraser  (26 June 2013)        10/10

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Any girls looking for a good time!  going late july/ early august! see you out there ladiesssssss #poompoom #gettinglaid #virgin (Add me

Emily Twiss (10 February 2013)

Me and my best friend are staying in President Apartments from the 4th June to 11th June! Feel free to email me on and we can get to know eachother! :D

Darren G  (11 June 2009)        10/10

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Got back on the 9th, Stayed at the President apts, can not fault it,  in my opinion a great place which suited me and the other 13 who came with me and stayed there, the staff were fantastic, we had two children in the party and a girl who was turning 19, Steve (Aussie Greek Lad) sorted the whole party out and was great with the kids he was a true gent. Diana (Blonde Pretty Lady) was a sweetheart, always busy but made you feel welcome, the food is excellent. I never had any concerns about night security as myself and the party i was with know that noise is for the strip and not for a peaceful hotel like the President. Thanks for making our stay as fantastic as it was, we are already looking to come back next year! CHEERS. I fully recommend this place for location, friendliness and quality, Steve your the man. Katie (the Thomson rep) is a sweetheart and very helpful.

Sami J (05 August 2007)

Ano I'm really excited aswell cannot wait! Just packing today after having a first attempt on Saturday, where my bag was ridiculously overweight without shoes etc lol

If anyone wants to add me feel free the addy is

Caroline C (02 August 2007)


Message for Andrew and Sami
Probably see you round the pool, its supposed to be a pretty small one so bound to bump into each other!!
Getting excited now only 8 days to go, havent even thought about packing or owt, just wanna get away from this country and its unpredictable weather and get partying
if anyone wants to get intouch before hand you can email me or add me to MSN (

Tony A  (25 June 2007)        6/10

Hello people..

Just got back from a brilliant week in Zante - stayed at the President apts!
Hotel is clean and tidy enough, the pool grub is excellent and in general staff are ok.
Pool isn't brillliant, two smallish round pools, so if you like a lot of swimming you will be dissopointed.
By far the biggest problem with this hotel is the night security.  From the second you walk in thru the gates, you get some little weezle of a man in an orange t-shirt and a flash light "shoosing you", even if you havenn't made a noise!  They then frog match you back to your room!  Absoulute Joke!  I very much resented being treated like a child on a holiday camp. 

Caroline C (20 June 2007)

Alright peeps

Havent been to zante before, but 3 girls are going 10th - 24th August 07 staying in the president apartments, would be interested to hear from anyone staying there at the same time!

David S  (22 September 2006)         

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We Stayed at the president apps, from the 24th of july until the 7th of august it was brilliant there's alot of comments about u not getting people back 2 ur hotel in some cases the night porter can be funny about it but just make friends with him !!! He's a nice guy really lol the staff there are so friendly and Rona the cleaner on our hung over days in the hotel we had chats with her lol. The reps are round almost daily they are amazin !! Esp TOMMY !!! and NATHAN !!! gave us some good nights out and some unforgetable memorys so guess wot !? we'll be back same time same location NXT YR

Ally S  (03 September 2006)         

great hotel, great people!!!amazing time, even if we did try burn hotel in first night!!!reps were excellant!1especially tommy!!!he da best!!wish we could go back already, missing it so much!!!!

Emma B  (12 August 2006)         

32 (2 hens and 30 chicks) girls stayed here 3rd-7th july loved every min, some defo going back next year any one going to zante july 2007 let us know. zante is defo the way forward.  xx   

Sonya B  (10 August 2006)         

devestated to be home!!  it was absouloubtly mint!! tommy, nathan and lisa the reps were
class! clap
appts were nice and clean and the scran was nice but ya gota watch out 4 jackie and his bodyguard...they gan nuts if ya partyin in the hotel so ya gota mak sure ya dinit get caught!!
get yasel down to cocktails and dreams and have a 69 mmm!! the musics class and you can roll outa there into rescue the best club there!!  tongue
luv the mackem lasses
sonya, sarah, leona, kelly and natalie

Sarah H  (10 August 2006)         


just got back monday, holiday was mint! especially our rep ltttle tommy tucker  and lisa was fab too!!
best place's are cocktails and dreams then to rescue (if ya like dance)
jackie and the bodyguard are a bit strict on noise so ya might have to gud at hiding people and not getting caught like we did
met some mint people all st helen's lads were mad!!!
miss everyone there
the mackems
sarah, kelly, leona, sonya & natalie x

Kelly M  (09 August 2006)         

alreeeeet just got bk on monda wish we were still there. lil tommy tucker (the rep) fab.

president apt realy gud. but watch oot 4 jackie. canny funny on a nyt wen ya get in wen hes chasing yas!!!
cocktail n dreams the best bar on the island. best cocktail perfect lover mmmm.
defo get a boat oot n go 2 the other island n into the cave. it'l b a day u wont 4get!!!
tommy hope ya get cancun gud luck mate!!!!!!
kelly, sarah,leona,nat, sonya
the mackems x

Ashley T  (04 August 2006)         

alreeeeeet! jus had the most amaaaaaazin hol eva at th president! got bak monday booo missin it loadz! tom th hom (the rep)is a total legend! met so many fab ppl an wud giv anythin 2 b bak!!!

ash, ash + hayley ..... 315 baby!!!!:D

Josh L  (26 July 2006)         


do not talk to me about awesome holidays....for f**k sake
literally this place was heaving with hymn singing trollops!!
So sad to be home absolutely loved zante, dave pearce night was immense and how many nights do u get to go out dressed as tarzan in england...not that many, but in zante everything is possible!!
mind out for mickey the greek dropkicking u on the beach mind, v dodgy!!
hopefully seeing sum welsh trollops when they come visit...or so they say
ZANE IS MINT!!!!!!!!

Welsh T  (25 July 2006)         

awesome. perfect place for a trollops holiday.

we love canadian bar man and the tad lads.
good food and drinks and pool.
cleaners = moody thieves
can you hear the welsh birds sing? yees.yessss.
watch out for clives with cd's and mickeys with torches.
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go to a baywatch beach party. theyre the best parties ever.
tad lads, we'll see you soon.
sid is paying for our night out in promised.
see you there.
‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†‚†forever and ever to enlarge

Seany   (17 July 2006)         

got back on friday and we just about recovered now. apartments are aboout a 2 minute walk from the beach and 15-20 mins away from the main strip. staff were all pleasant and even steven seagal didn't seem to mind too much when we accidently flodded 3 balconys. please not that if you are in apartments on the pool level don't leave stuff and the balcony, or even on the floor, as they might get wet.

the pe boyz
(all 17 of us)

Adam M  (10 July 2006)         

The holiday was good apart from 19 silly boys from east kilbride!! They had no consideration towards any of the other guests and kept everyone awake untill 5.30 in the morning every morning, you basically slept on their terms. If you want a chilled out holiday please choose another complex as the president staff had no control over these silly little boys. As the other messages have big groups going there this summer I advice anyone who is thinking of going to think again, as its like a youth club full of geeks who are to afraid to venture further than the hawaiian bar like the kilbride crew!!!  

The J  (05 July 2006)         

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17 Lads coming to the President on the 7th

Look out for us
You probably won't miss us

Sarah J  (10 June 2006)         

This is a lovley place to stay.  Very relaxing and well worth a visit.  It had a friendly bar and staff, and nice posh pool with a water fountain feature at the top which sprayed on to the lower pool.  The sunbeds were free of charge to use, and music was also played by the bar.  Some nights they do recent movies if thats your thing.  Appartments are good value for money, have all the basic amenties you need and the staff are friendly.  The maids also, plus the rooms are kept clean.  Was very close to the beach, literally opposite.  Check out the newsagent shop on the right (as if you were walking out of the hotel) - also friendly and well priced and cheaper than the other one on the left hand side.  Blue waves restaurant down the road - go there, excellent service and quality food. 
Enjoy your holiday.

Jess F (01 June 2006)

rightttttt been there 4 times before with family n it was amazin.. ment to be goin there next august wif mii m8yss canny wait!! chow!

Shar R  (08 November 2005)         

The apartments them self are great, the pool is one of the biggest there, the restaurant was good but as many of you are asking / stating there is NO CHANCE of taking anyone back to your apartment!  AT ALL!  My mate went home early one night as unwell and a guy walked her and they wouldnt even let him see her to the room.  And regardign the air conditioning-we didnt have any!

Angle   (24 September 2005)         

Add your

here  Am thinking of staying here next year can anyone tell me is it true you can not bring anyone back to your room??? as ive been told the security watch out  pls let me know

Amy and claire c  (05 September 2005)         

We are gutted to be home wish we had stayed for two weeks!!!

Pink rooms wot more could a girl men well that was covered with the jordie lad s below us Liam and Neil email us!
The food was goos no rats - bonus!
The rep dave was fit (love amy) you got me all wet...........on jail break and if you dont like dave check out his bro Pete aka lego head (cos his always got a hard one!)
The waterfall in the pool was a giggle you can pretend you are in a pop video!
But it was a bit like being back at school althogh ive always enjoed playing hide and seek with security with big torches!!haha
Any fit men out there who wanna take two sexy ladies there and have big packages - i mean wallets!
Love to everyone
Amy and Claire
aka Hooker and Baywatch Barbie
also known as COCHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosemary S  (05 September 2005)         

Hi we are booked in for president apartments next year and wondered about the air conditioning. It says in  brochure that some apartments haven,t got it, did any one find this, 

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