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Linz -           

if ur interested in buying bags, jewllery and designer gear dont go to zante town go somewhere like lagana during the day great places there

S M           

Went to Zante town by taxi on a Saturday evening at around 5pm. Taxi from Kalamaki was Ä7.50. Was a bit dissapointed when we got there as everywere was shut. Only the resteraunts were open and a few gift shops. The place was a ghost town. So if you go - go earlier or later

Liz W           

went on a trip via local bus from tsilivi to zante town.the bus ride was the best part of it. looked around shops which were not excellent and very small,found the mental health institution which i needed after an hour there.walked along the harbour stopped of at the cafe there for a coffee the worst cup i've ever hard freezing cold think it cam from fridge not hot tap.the toilets were very dirty and smelly ,found the beach a bit of rock and 2 feet of sand. would never go there again
sat down on arrival at restaurant very nice and cosmopolitan,beggars pounced the minute bums were on seats they are hard to shift.ZANTE TOWN FOR US WAS A BIG NO NO

Emma E           

It cost 8 euros in a taxi from Tsilivi to Zante Town and I think we went to the boring part!

The sea is really nice in this area but there isn't a beach, just rocks! We went over to the marina but there were no yachts etc. there, just ferries. We didn't go to the shopping area of the town which is supposed to be quite good. There were lots of cafes and souvenir shops where we went but we have these on the resort anyway. All in all, it was pretty boring!

Nigel C           

We were staying in Argassi and got the "train" for Ä4 return. It runs on the road and leaves Argassi at 10:30 - returns at 2pm. Also runs at 2:30 - 6pm and 6:30 - 9:45pm. We got the morning "train" (I called it the choo-choo) so that we then had the afternoon/evening to chill out. Zante town doesn't have much to shout about shop-wise. We went for a walk up the hill to the old venetian castle (was closed so we sat at a taverna overlooking the town - was beautiful there).

Tina K           

We took the bus from Alikanas which only cost 2.20 euro return although it's not very reliable and doesn't run very often. We had a walk throught the town which was nice and then some lunch, watch out for the begging gypsies. pull on the heart strings stuff. I would have likes to have gone at night but there was no transport from where we were, much better if you've got a car.

Lynsey B           

Zakynthos town is a nice way to spend a couple of hours, the harbour is pretty, the shops are good. Don't fall for the beggars on the streets, they are not as bad or hard up as they like you to belive.
It gets very busy here and very hot, it is maybe best to go earlier in the day, also shops will shut in the afternoon for their siesta.


I thought Zantre town was brilliant although it is closed on a Sunday so be warned!! I found the shopping reasonably priced and we came home with the odd bits and pieces for the home and some jewellery. It is worth mentioning to query the price with some of the jewellers as they will sometimes drop the price in order to get a sale.

They also sell the best espresso coffee, you only seem to be able to get Nes Cafe in all the other resorts.

Leanne F           

I went to Zante town from Argassi as I wanted to, and did see, St Dennis in the church.
Enjoyed the walk from Argassi but wouldn't bother taking the kids.

Colin A           

we only managed to visit at night but we found it to be very clean and tidy the views around the harbour were good and the squares all had outside areas to sit and have a drink and watch the world go by.

Brent P           

expensive,but didn't mind as it stopped me buying irrelevant useless items.nice sea view.fishes in the water.and plenty of tat.

Lisa J           

Well, have now actually visited Zante town and it really is just okay. There are some shops along a pedastrianised road which runs parallel to the harbour just behind the main front, but they aren't really worth shopping in. Although the front does have some pretty churches and a few nice restaurants, it doesn't really have much to offer to the tourist, it really is just a greek working town (and not an interesing one at that!) If you hire a car, just drive along the front main road and you will have seen everything there is to see.

Lisa J

We are visiting Zante for the first time on August 31st. I love to shop and am looking forward to visiting Zakynthos Town! Can anyone help by letting me know where the best shopping places are? Also, are there any markets on the island that are worth visiting?

Yannis M           

zante town can be very busy on mondays,as this is bank day on the island so avoid!a very nice port,lots of bars and cafes on the waterfront and in the back streets,also you will get the best exchange rate here.there are some lovley churches and buildings here too,st nicholas church in the square,dating back to 1545 ? well worth a visit.

Peter N           

A chance to get away from the men and indulge in some retail therapy and fill up the luggage with pressies for the folks back home. That had been ther idea of wife + mother in-law. mmm well...the shops are mostly full of total crap. Fair enough if you want to browse through shop after shop after shop of lilos, sun cream, post cards, tacky ornaments, fridges full of pop and oh so many things with very funny big willies. Like Blackpool in the sun.

Lesley B           

zante town is lovely, just wander round and enjoy it, have a drink in the village taverna garden, its beautiful (and the banana splits are good too) sit by the harbour and watch the world go by. the church is one of the most beautiful i have ever seen, gold everywhere. swim from the rocks to cool off, visit the museums. this is a small island, the capitol is going to be small too, what do people expect?

Bronwen B           

Elvis singing 'In the Ghetto' sprang to mind. Ok, we visited on a saturday afternoon which probably wasn't the best time as there were only two shops open and not a soul to be seen. Lasted 20 mins before we hailed the nearest taxi and got the hell out of there. Think if you got at the right time it's meant to be OK but don't strain yourself to get there.

Victoria R           

the shops are fab try looking in the gold church made from gold go to the back and see the cofin of a saint ( it`s is real)it`s massive

F G           

We took an evening shopping trip into Zante Town. My biggest suggestion would be some kind of guide before you go in as we wondered around for a while not really knowing where anything was. Took a long walk up and down the harbour admiring the HUGE luxury boat someone had docked there! They have some good shops and bars. We had a meal in one of the squares resturants, warning you will get collared as your stroll through. It is slightly more expensive than the beach resorts (10 euros for 2 budweisers in one bar) go at sunset as it cools down and is very picturesque. Worth the 3 euros it cost to do the trip, and made a change to the evening.

Julia B           

not the best town, but worth a look, just not on a sat afternoon, all day sunday, wed afternoon, or anytime between 1-6pm. p.s if you hire a car beware that every road leads to "zakynthos town" cannot get lost as you always end up there, even when you are trying to go in the opposite direction. at one crossroad all 4 directions were signposted zakynthos town. a little like grounghog day.

Pat M           

Hey, were we in the same town? Visited many times and love it more each time we go. The people are wonderful, the shops are great (you can buy anything you might require), the restaurants very reasonably priced and the views are superb. Try walking by the harbour or just people watch, sitting drinking coffee or ouzo at one of the cafes. Lots to do, but if you miss everything else in the town, don't miss Bochali! It's the most wonderful place on the whole island, you'll find it on the way to the fortress and a camera is a must. Makes me miss it just thinking about it.

Vikki W           

It wasn't necessarily a Saturday thing with all the places being shut! We went in the middle of the week in the morning and stayed here all day. Total waste. Don't bother. The shops were all closed and sold basically things you could buy for much cheaper by your hotel. The Body Shop was the only thing worth visiting for.

Phoebe P           

We thought Zante Town was disappointing compared to how lovely the rest of the island is.Unfortunately the first time we went there was a Saturday afternoon when virtually everywhere is shut!I think it is better to visit other resorts rather than the town.


good, be careful with your bags and purses boys, could get nicked, lol

David M           

I would waste any effort in going to Zante Town unless you like harbours or architecture. The harbour area is nice, one of the squares is pleasant and though a little run down the town has some good looking buildings. But the shopping street is pretty poor (Laganas, Kalimaki well almost anywhere was better), and the few restaurants were fairly expensive for what you got. We went a couple of times at different times of the day to give it a chance, and frankly we wished we hadnít bothered.

Kym W           

Me and my boyfriend hired a car out for three days and visted the town a couple of times we thought it was worth the trip altho it only takes about 10 minutes to get there from tsilivi, but also its worth it just to see the views on the way down to the town they are amazing, once into the town it can get very busy at night, all the shops are open and restaurants are dying to get u in, this was the only down side to it but u get it everywhere on the island, just say no and that youve already eaten they leave u alone then. we went in the day once and it was like a ghost town no shops were open and the place was empty i was soon to find out that they have a siesta everyday between 2 and 5pm but thats why it gets so busy at night, i thought the shops were good, they had a diesel shop that also sold other branded labels and they had really good shoe shops. its deffinatly worth going to once but go at night.

Paul H           

Don't bother. We got a taxi in, spent a hour wandering round, then got out quick

Gillian B           

We planned on spending the day in Zakynthos town but had done everything there was to do (not a lot) by midday so left. the shops are rubbish - very expensive jewellery shops and not a lot else. Takes about 10 minutes to walk around them. The section along the marina is very pretty with great views but there is no real centre of town and nothing to do. Would not bother to go there again.

Richard S           

What a dump. You have to fight off the restaurant people trying to drag you inside - when you do go inside you find out why they have to drag you in. Shops very dingy.

Carolyn M           

Did we miss something? Expected Zante Town to be a lot more buzzin!

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Zante Tourist Map