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This beach was lovely... though a huge part of it was fenced off when we were there. Went on a day when the sea was very rough... needed a surf board. Got wet whilst sunbathing as the tide was very high. Still it was a peaceful place.. not many children running around (September) Would definitely go back next year.

Sue S           

Very nice beach, but no beach tavernas or toilet facilities. Its OK as long as you don't mind a very crowded beach and not bothered by screaming kids and this is in September!

Paul S           

Very picturesque setting. Lovely sandy beach. Warm, clear water, shallow for quite a long way out. Yes, it does get busy, so walk along a bit further where there's fewer people. Definitely one of the best on Zante.

Andy M           

1st class beach just go for it ....take some food so not to miss the sun ..........water great ,fish great view to die for ...
it has to be the best beach on the zante 5 star..


Great clean beach best I saw in Zante, nude sectrion at far right so started my allover tan!!

Kleo H           

This is a fab beach, try the fruit salad the greek lady bring round very good for 3 euros!

Andy S           

This was the best beach on the island.The water is warm,clear and as still as you will find.Sand is good.We went on a Tuesday afternoon in the first week of September,and spent several hours in the water,with very few locals and holidaymakers.Certainly not overcrowded.DON'T MISS OUT THIS BEACH,ITS A HIDDEN JEWEL!!!!!

Mark H           

We were there on Sunday (13th July) and it was lovely in the morning but by the afternoon I thought the Athens Olympics had started. There were hundreds of mostly Greeks playing tennis or volleyball in the shallows near where we were sunbathing, you could not relax as every few minutes a ball narrowly missed us.

We went again on the Wednesday and although a few played ball in the afternoon it was a lot quieter.

Sarah M           

We loved this beach& so did the Greeks! We went on Sunday & luckily were there at about 11 a.m. because it got busy but still more pleasant than Laganas beach. The sea was crystal clear & really very warm

Neil K           

If you have a young family, it's okay for a half day. There's nothing here apart from the stunning scenery (Very nice but get there early to enjoy it), which unfortunately is spoiled by the other 10000 tourists on the beach any time after 10.30am. There's nothing in the way of beach bars or other entertainment. Simply a beach, which you cannot overly enjoy as it's Turtle hatching season, (Fair enough, they were here long before us lot) but this means they'll only let you on the first 3 meters or so from the shoreline, the rest is an enivronmentally protected area.
For Couples, it's very nice (again only if you get there early enough to enjoy it) and would no doubt be a romantic place first thing in the morning (or last thing at night), when you can enjoy it for yourself a bit.
Otherwise, its a bay/suntrap/oven, screaming kids, lovely beach, shallow water for kids (and theres loads of em) to wee in the water.

Matt R           

An excellent beach for all the family. 10/10!

Anne S

hoping to stay in Gerakas for 3 weeks in September staying at Ilios Studios would like any information about resort and studios. Thanks

Tracey D           

Fantastic beach (bit a of climb back up the hill though!!!!)

The beach is closed from 7pm to 7am due to the turtles - we were told it was one of the best beaches to see them (but never saw one - saw more at Kalamaki)

Ali R           

Ah, lovely beach with great scenery. Definately worth a visit!

Make sure you visit the Turcle sanctuary, its really interesting and they can tell you about the boat trips you can do, which don't scare the turtles.

Graham G           

Was on Zante two years ago and went many times to gerkas beach. An excellent holiday and the beach just made the holiday returning in june to enjoy the island once again

Craig M           

We were there a week ago. The weather was great and the beach was quite busy. Try the small shop for rolls and cold drinks. Fantastic beach!!

Julie D           

The ultimate sandy chill out spot. Car park empty in October.Take plenty of water.

Jakky M           

Top beach, hire a car or a bike and go. Nuf said.

Paul M           

Best beach on the island,definately worth the trip by hire car.Excellent sand and crystal clear water.

Katy W           

Gerakas beach was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The sea shelves very gently, so that you have to wade out 20-30 metres to be up to your knees (!) and it is a beautiful sandy beach - unusual on Zante. The views are magnificent too. Because of the nesting turtles, no development is allowed there, but they have all you need - sunbeds and parasols to rent, a taverna or two to adjourn to for lunch and a mini market set back off the road behind the car park at the top. As mentioned before, you do need to arrive around 10 am to get both a parking spot and sunbed, but this is no problem because it means you can spend the WHOLE DAY there!! :-) Absolute bliss .........

Mike H           

As you come down the dirt track to the beach you will asked to stay within 5 meters of the sea as turtles nest further back. The sea is quite shallow so it is safe for kids. If you like snorkling the best areas to go are either ends of the beach were it gets rocky. While I was doing this I actually saw a turtle. I took a few pictures and we swam off in opposite directions. You will also notice that some people are covered from head to toe in a clay - this is because at one end of the beach the cliffs a made of the stuff.

Roderick J           

A very pretty beach, with good safe swimming, but beware: get there early as a)parking is a nightmare, if you get to the end of the track and the carpark is full you have to do a 58 point turn with cars and bikes coming at you from both sides in order to go back the way you came and hopefully find a space in a field somewhere. Also, if you get there later than 10 in the morning, you will not get sunbeds or sunshades, and trust me, this beach gets very, very hot in August with no shade. At one end of the bay are clay cliffs where the locals go to smear their bodies with clay. Don't know why, but it was good fun, anyway! A few nudists, one enormous sumo wrestler type we encountered has, I fear, put my daughter off men for life.

Mike O           

Great beach, My favorite on Zante. Turtle beach, expect to be politely advised where and where not to spread avoid digging holes in the sand, (the baby Turtles might get stuck) ps one of the turtle patrol, (a girl) .. phew cute bum!!!!

David F           

A lovely, calm, spacious beach. Abundant shells, beautiful surroundings, warm shallow water, easy breezes ... IDEAL. There's a charming little restaurant not far up the road to the beach - reasonably priced, but be careful of the per KG amounts if you order fresh fish.

Sam B           

Really the best beach in Zante, mind you the slope onto the main beach is a bit of steep slope, once you get there it is really nice, very shallow water with small fish that nibble your feet. Loads of families with small children - lots of locals too (thats says a lot doe'snt it!!)


Gerakas is also one of the most beatiful beaches in Zakynthos. I enjoy the enviroment around me, but the most fascinated were the turtles. It is really a big atraction, it is cute to know all about nesting. If you only imagine a big turtle 150kg, nesting, then swimming in the sea for 25 year, and than come again the same place to nest. It is fastinating.So find a time to sea Gerakas, it is beatiful and interesting by story about turtles.

Bethan H

I am leaving Wales for Zante on the 29th August and am staying at the Windmill Studios in Argassi. Could anyone tell me how far Gerakas beach is from here?

Iain, B           

Simply the best! A superb beach. Although, thankfully, there are no tavernas on this now protected beach, a few minutes walk takes you to a couple of nice places to eat and a v.friendly mini market.

Rhonda W           

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BEACH !! IT IS THE BEST BEACH I HAVE BEEN TO IN MY LIFE !! IT has the softest snd and clearest water and its fab for kids. I mean I liked it and I am eleven years old and so did my Mum and my Dad !!

Keith & Sally           

Turtle beach, protected, no facilities, but look at how clear that water is!! Limited number of brollies otherwise take your own, and some water, to survive. Bare bums at the far end.

Nev G

need to know car hire details in vassilikos forgot to bring leaflet back with me last year(potamar rentals)

Nev G           

we stayed in villa based 5 mins walk from beach loved the whole area we are going back this june to enjoy it all again greek people are very friendly at nearby shop/taverna.Best beach we have found up to now but will explore for more this year.This really is a quite area and may not suit everyone there is a nice walk around the area ,just like being in the countryside

Max S           

a fantastic beach with beautiful clear water. The only down side was that a lot of tourists show a lot of disrespect to the fact that the beach is a turtle breeding ground.

Fiona D           

Nice and quiet, turtle season over by the time we got there. One end of the beach was used exclusively by nudists. Gently shelving beach meant that the water stayed quite warm. No facilities but a nice taverna just 5 minutes away.


Great beach! On the day I went, very calm water. Very clean with a deep sandy area. Not crowded. Crystal clear waters. No bathrooms, though. It is about 1/2 hour car ride from Laganas.

Dean M           

Where do you begin. My partner and i hired a jeep for a few days and found this excellent beach.If you have kids stay inthe sunbed area as a little further on it becomes a nude bathing area not that we minded an all over tan.The sea can be very tame here but also have some very good waves.The day we went it was sunny but windy and the waves would go over your heads fun though.Also if you see people looking a bit grey here it is because of the clay cliffs here and you can get a total skin cleansing treatment for free.An excellent beach end perfect sea a must see for any visitor to Zante.

Outi S           

Yes, this was the best and most beautiful beach. Lots of turtles' nests. (However didn't see one.) Nice small minimarket beside the parking lot, a very gentle old lady there. (No fresh bread no fruits but nearly everything else.)


Gerakas is simply the best beach on Zante, right after Smugglers Wreck.. :) (Try to get muddy!)

Simon R           

We spent last day here after hiring a car. Fantastic beach, best by far that we saw or heard about. Soft sand plenty of space and beautiful clear water.

Laurie A           

To get away from the totally English main resorts you require a form of transport. You can then escape to beautiful beaches such as this - and many more en - route. A lovely beach, quiet (unless a group of rowdy Italian kids invade your privacy) and secluded. Parasol recomended - a mini market close by in case you haven't got the days essentials.. Moral of the story - get a car and get out of Laganas or Kalamaki - unless you came to Greece for the English abroad experience...

Steve H           

We stayed in Kalamaki, so we needed a car to get there, but it's worth it. The beach is safe for kids and at the one end, to the left as you look at the sea, there is a mud area where people smear it over their bodies as a health thing or something like that. We had a go, it was geat fun!!! When it's baked on you can hardly move. Harborne and Walker Family

Jenni L           

We were staying in the centre of Laganas but hired a car for the day and came here with two friends. It really is a beautiful beach. The lack of English people made it even better cos you can just relax amongst the Greek holiday makers and enjoy the peace and quiet. There is a shop up on the hill so you can buy cold drinks and food there. We went in July and didn't find a problem with sun loungers - there were quite a few empty ones. Definitely worth going, especially if you are staying in Laganas and need a day away from the noise, alcohol and crowded beach.

Hedley P           

You really need a car to get here but it is worth while once you have found a place to park.The only draw back is that there is no taverna or toilets.

Tessa B           

yes this is a super beach, although i would give it tied first position with dafni beach. if u stay at platzzo di zante, the gold thomson hotel, u can easily walk here. limited sunbeds and no beach side taverna or loos due to the turtle eggs laid in the sand. get here before 11am to get sunbed, taverna at top of the road has information office concerning turtles. shop owners very friendly and keen to teach u greek. first view of this beach takes your breath away, dont miss it

Nick C           

One of the best beaches we found.Worth the visit,though if it is very windy you'll get "sand blasted",well worth it though!

Paul W           

Agree with the last comment - worth driving here -bring food and drink as there is no taverna on the beach for very good conservation reasons. One of the most pleasant beaches we've ever been on


The best beach in Zante hire a moped or car and drive to this little gem of a beach its about 18km from Argassi. The beach is very shallow you have to walk out neerly 100m to get to head height. Very peacefull even though it does get quite full. Dont wander to far round past the sunbeds though unless you want to go nude with all the Germam wrinklies!!!

Julie W           

best beach on the island, lots of sunbeds and umbrellas. Not only can you spot the turtles in the sea we also swam with them, out quite deep though, flippers, snorkels etc a must. Turtle spotters on the beach as area is a nesting ground & conservation area.

John F           

We thought this was the nicest beach we visited during our hoilday. Very long stretch of sand and you can wander round headland. Good taverna and shop at top of the hill.People in the shop particularly helpful.2 sunbeds and umberella about £3.75 for the day.

Ian G           

We reckon this the best beach on the island, especially for kids. Very nice taverna at the top of the hill.

Tim P           

We discovered this beach on a wander around the island. We had already been to Banana Beach and St Nicholas, which were also excellent beaches. Although this beach doesn't have watersports, it is ideal for a relaxing day. There were also alot of Greek tourists there as well.

Graeme W           

Similar to Banana beach. Long stretch of clean sand. Sunbeds and shades available for hire at reasonable rates. Hotel nearby happy to serve anyone with food and drinks and use of their pool. Sea very safe for kiddies Recommended

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