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Theresa S

why can't we bring olive oil back? part of the joy of going to greece is bringing back the olive oil and using throughout the year and then having to come back to buy some more. Thats my excuse for coming back every year and i'm sticking to it

Krystle J

People people people, take your own food from the resort in your hand luggage thats what we did ;) it never got conviscated neither did our bottle of water that was in our hand luggage!!!

Damn no wonder people always slag us brits off - alot of us just want to whinge too much!!

Sam M          3/10

We thought the airport was a total rip off.  You go through security and get everything you have bought taken off you, only to be able to buy it the other side of the glass before you get on the plane.  Don't try to take Olive oil home as they won't let you and your rep doesn't tell you until you are on the bus to the airport.  Put your duty free's in your suitcase.  They wanted 2.50 euros for a packet of quavers and a cup of coffee is 5 euros.  A roll was about £7.50.  If you want to get a drink go in to the duty free area where there is a fridge at the back of the shop selling packs of 8 cans of drink for about £2.  There isn't enough seating especially for older people and kids when you might have to wait a couple of hours longer than expected for your flight to depart. 

Krystle J          10/10

Really dont know why there are still complaints about the airport!!!

We flew back the 27th june and there was a small queue but nothing too bad about a 10 min wait.. Check was fast and efficient, we were overweight on both cases and the check in agent turned a blind eye to it!
Zante airport seems to always get moaned about but i was quite surpised at how good it turned out to be!!!!!!


One downer on the trip. New departures at airport.
I really can't see it speeding things up. infact for us it was really really much slower.

Yes it lovely and big. 12 check-in desks (not wide enough for that many). So your queue goes right back to end of the checkin hall. Now if the flt was 100% full and when all the flights are full in high season. Yes you guessed it there is knowhere else to put you but outside on the pavement, however there is very little room for that and no shelters so far. Not likely to be as not any where to put them either.(If this sounds abit familar to the old terminal wait for it:- Also the queues move SO SLOWLY, this is because of only having 3 luggage scanning machines. They send about 10 people throu from 3 different flight lines to checkin area at a time. Then stop the queues. Wait for those to clear then go onto another queue/ flight checking in and do the same with those ones. Hence the 1st three queues don't move for another 20+ mins whilst waiting for the next lot to clear. I can imagine that being a big problem on Thurs/Sun in high season. We were Fri & that was bad enough we had 4 other flights checkin in at same time as us and it was hell standing in the queue for 2 hrs approx.

However once through to other side its better apart from lack of seating. (yes the pictures on this site do not lie) You can however go upstairs to anywhere on the 1st floor and have a ciggie. Also the shop is about 2.5 times size of the old one.

All in all it looks nice is loads bigger but works on about par with old checkin term. The dept.lounge is better even without enough seating. You could say it reminds you of the Titanic and not enough lifeboats.

In a warped way I still prefer the old dept.  At least I  knew how to queue jump and once checked in you could go and sit on the benches outside either in or out of the sunshine. arh.

Saying all this its not putting us off, doing it all over again in 11 wks time. 
Honest it better in some ways but not in others, it really doesn't hurt that much.  Its the thought of coming back UK that hurts more.

David C

As much as you can carry Kayleigh as long as it is for you and your friends and not for sale in the UK. Rough guidelines for cigs are 3,200 per person and 10 litres of spirits.

Kayleigh H

I'm leaving in 2 days (19th of June) to go there for a week and i was wondering if anyone knew the allowances on bringing back cigarettes and alcohol etc?

Mark B          2/10

just travelled back from zakynthos on the 13th of june 2008 i was pleased to hear that they had a new departures lounge but i wasn't pleased for long.

there is only 1 good part to the airport and that is you queue inside now and not outside.
when we were waiting to check in there where 3 queue's 1 for manchester ,1 for gatwick and 1 for birmingham with hundreds of passengers waiting there are about 10 check in desks BUT they only decided to have 3 manned 1 for each destination so check in took hours still,when we went through into the departure lounge we were stunned as the airport still didn't supply many seats for its passengers about as many seats as the old departure lounge,people had no choice but to sit on the floor still.

Linda L          3/10

We flew back on sunday 8/6/08. The tour companies bused all flights to the airport at the same, time to save money I presume, we were at the airport 4 hours before our flight. It took 2hours 15mins to check in.

The seating was woefully inadequate for the number of passengers awaiting flights.
Is that that what they call improvement? 

Lynn W          3/10

No change with the departures, still got to queue, just over 2 hours before we even got to the X ray machine - the luggage belt has broken down, only difference is you get to queue inside where it is cooler, not alot of seats and the snack bar very expensive (small bottle of water and two sandwiches just over 12 euros).


Mary M          3/10

my partner and myself have just returned 1st june, lack of secutity only seemed 2 take what they wanted got thru with a bottle of water and 2 cans of beer. watch out 11euros 4 1kg extra luggage. yes they were sending people back 2 rearrange luggage or pay up. upstairs bar 15.50euros for 1 gin and soda and a large beer, 10euros 4 a gin what a rip off, u can buy a litre 4 13 euros in duty free.

Anne S          7/10

God its much btr,dont think i have gone to the bangkok hilton prison loos anymoreNot lots of seats tho and god there is enuf space for heaps.

Dave K          4/10

so whats changed about the new departure terminal?

Yes its a new building, its clean and its cool. Yes the queues outside have gone.
Yes its still one person at the xray machine scanning all of the self loading suitcases.
Yes even though there are many more checkin desks, as with the old building only two are open.
So give and take the only benefit is that you get to queue, inside, in the cool.
Oh and of course, the old expensive cafe/bar has now become a very expensive cafe/bar. £8 for two coffee's and a crossant!

Anth U          8/10

I have always wanted to visit this island but have always been put off by the airport as many friends and family members have said they had to endure a 3 hour wait outside in the blazing sun before even checking in, so have give it a miss each and every time!

click to enlargeWith the pictures about of the airport, it seems they have finally turned what was reported to be nothing but a cattle shed into a decent and modern airport, which should stop the long waits outside to check in. Although I must admin the latest report of the new airport terminal having a serious lack of seating, it seems they still need to invest a few more thousand euros to add comfort to style!

click to enlargeI added another picture I found online of the new airport terminal, it looks very clean and modern although obviously empty, so it would be nice to hear peoples reports of how it handles during the peak seasons when hundreds of flights take off at the same time, and how it is for seating, food, facilities etc...

On a different note, Does anyone know if the other greek islands such as corfu, rhodes kos etc are also getting airport upgrades? To be honest a country that is part of the EU should not have poor airports, especially considering they are holiday destinations and very popular indeed!

Gill M          4/10

Dont get too excited about the new airport, yes it is spacious and clean but there are still not enough seats to sit on. You will be charged 10 euro for every kilo your luggage is over weight, so be warned 
You cannot take fluids threw to departure, then you will be charged 1.30euro to buy a small bottle of water! 
The moniters were not working  to show the gate numbers and no one could understand the announcements being made.  Other wise it was nice.
Gill Moon

Louise           6/10

The airport isnt great, but at the end of the day its only an airport and you only spend a few hours there. Luggage can take a while, and not that many seats to sit on whiie your waiting. Also when your fly bakc to uk you ahve to que outside of the airport which can take a while, so if in the day take lots of water etc.

Louise and Sophie x

Gail D          9/10

  Glad to know the airport is up and running.  We have been coming to Zante since 1998 and this will be the first year we will have not gone, ah well never mind better luck next year unless we win the lottery tomorrow.

Lynn and craig *          10/10

 FANTASTIC  just heard that the new airport is now fully functional, now for even the outbound departures, its about time. I just hope that there are seats to sit on, unlike the old airport where you had to sit on the floor!  and that is no exageration. But i do bet the food is as rubbish as ever  if you buy it from the airport, so unless peeps  report on the food   i would take your own food and drink to the airport,  as  the sandwiches dont seem to be buttered and all you get is a choice of  ham and cheese  with a bit of tomato on them  on a very dry  bread roll. btw  the restrictions in the uk  regarding  fluids does not seem to apply to zante  as  last year we managed to take in our own cans of pop  with no worries  we are returning to zante  mid june  so will let you know on the airport further  then.


toilets in the arrival  lounges  are lovely and clean toilet seats plenty of toilet roll. check in still slightly slow compared to other airports but much better than previously.  the cafe does not have any prices on items  so b prepared to re mortgage ur home at the  till.  small tub of pringles  a fruitshoot and  a bottle of water  nearly 8 euros.   plenty of seating everywhere.

Juliet B

Glad 2 hear the new airport building is officially open!!! I definitely wont b missing the old one!!! Im already extremely excited about comin back 2 Zante 4 the 4th year but this news has cheered me up no end!!!! Roll on Aug 24 2008- Woop Woop!!! 

Janet M


The long awaited departures terminal at Zakynthos Airport accepted it's first Olympic flight this evening and will be ready to accept the first charter flights when they start next week. 

Despite rumours and feelings from some people that this terminal would never open finally it has happened.  This is great news for all visitors to Zakynthos and many return guests will not be sad to say goodbye to the old building.


Ray F          10/10

Over the moon to hear about the new terminal finaly opening.I know the old one has been a disgrace but i wouldn`t let a couple of hours of pergatory put me off a fortnight of brilliance.Looking forward to another brill` fortnight .Only three months to go [6 july].It can`t come soon enough.

Janet M


Better late than never

The new Airport of Zakynthos has been handed over
The new Airport of Zakynthos has been handed over
Finally, the new Airport has been handed over! The YPEXODE crew came to the Island on Monday, and handed the new building over to the Island.
The news spread quickly, and of course, brought cheers and joy all across the Island.
It appears that the €3,000,000 debt has been paid at last, and now there shouldn't be any further problems.
Now the race starts to move in, and install the new equipment from the old building, to the new before the start of the summer season.
The Mayor of the Island, Mr. Gasparos, announced that, from now on, the Council will make it a top priority to increase flights to the Island.
Mr. Xenos stated "The Airport does not belong to anyone in particular, not even the Mayor, it belongs to Zakynthos."

Janet M

  It's looking Good

Airport Handed Over to the Local Authorities

The promised demonstration took place in Zante Town outside of the local authority offices with regard to the airport.  At the same time the airport was handed over to the Local Authorities from the National Government.

Now preparations must be made by the Local Authorities and the Airport Staff to get the new departures area ready with all the necessary systems in place and working  to open for the summer season. Fingers Crossed.

The new Airport of Zakynthos

Tony H          2/10

Yes I agree it is a terrible ordeal at the Airport. We`have been to Zante for the past 8 years, we missed summer 06 and went to Spain just outside Malaga. So as our American friend states above. Stop your whining! How many of us go to Zante for the Airport? I thought it odd in the summer that the new part was used for arrivals rather than departures. I've never spent 2 hours in any airport that I've arrived at. maybe they should have done it the other way round. Hopefully 08 will see a fully functioning new airport. The runway is fine lady! Must have been your pilot.

So after experiencing Spain in 06 we were relieved to get 'home' again in 07. Forget the airport and enjoy this beautiful piece of paradise.

Lorraine W          1/10

Okay, its not the best airport in the world as we all know!!  In fact, it could do with being demolished!  But its never put me off returning to Zante!  We've been 3 years in a row now and when i'm booking my holiday, I don't sit in the travel agents thinking 'I can't go back to Zante - the airport's terrible!'  Zante is a beautiful island and the holiday experience is what matters.  Yes, I realise that the departure lounge is the last thing we actually experience on our holiday and therefore, the last thing we remember, but the ultimate lasting impression of my holiday is the beautiful scenery, the friendly, welcoming islanders and how I actually feel when I have to leave, knowing it will be another year before we can return!  Can't wait to go back again, and yes, the airport will again be part of my experience - but hopefully in the new part!!    

Catherine B          3/10

It wasnt that bad when i was there!! The toilets were a bit dirty and there weren't many seats but because the holliday was so good it was worth it!! It definatly hasn't put me off visiting Zante again!!!


The S

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Not the worst place in the world !!  Im sure we have all been to nightclubs back home that compare? (but I bet you keep going back to them) Take a look at the picture - its not the airport you come for, but scenery like this. Will be great when the new building is used for departures - but until then its worth a little discomfort just to experience the beauty this island has to offer. However, they could spend a little money on re-surfacing the runway - its like landing in a field !!

Charlie B          1/10

Zakynthos airport is crap because duty free is rubbish and the snacks bar is a rip off you should bring your own snacks and drink

by charlie batchelor

Simon P          1/10

October 30th 2007.

Toilets were absolutely filthy,Snack Bar was a rip-off and the whole place was a complete and utter shambles...Just like it always has been!
For goodness sakes can't something be done about this dreadful place?

Sue F

We had a 3 hour delay on the return but fortunately were able to sit outside the café on the outskirts of the airport for most of that time as once we ventured into the airport building it was packed with hardly any room to even sit on the floor. The toilets weren't all that enticing either. However, other than the delay, we didn’t find the return journey as bad as we were expecting having read the other reviews in advance. Just be prepared taking your own food and drinks and something to read!

Dionisia M

For the love, stop your whining and look in your own backyards....

Iain E          1/10

This airport is realy bad, small dirty and worn out, I found the island the same! I wont be back.I expect better in the EU.

Bricyn S          1/10

click to enlarge

Zakynthos Airport departure area? A picture speaks a thousand words. This is the departures: very small and very few seats. In summer it will be HELL! Hopefully the new airport will be operating in 2008 for departures!

Rita R          1/10

Having been twice before to Zante, we thought we knew what to expect from this airport. However, this last experience was to put it mildly, extremely traumatic.THANK YOU MY TRAVEL FIRSTLY FOR TAKING US TO THE AIRPORT AT 9AM FOR 1.35PM FLIGHT. LAZINESS ON THEIR PART.Secondly, the complete lack of communication about the delayed flight which the rep was aware of before we were even collected from the resort. Their mouthpiece at the airport, a British man, was a master at not giving the whole truth, even though contact with relatives in the UK by some of the passengers confirmed that the flight would be delayed by approx 8 hours. There were children who had not had a proper meal all day. We were offered free sandwiches with hardly any filling and a soft drink - obviously to try and calm us all down! In the end, we spent 12 hours in that disgusting airport - lack of seating, even though we were the only flight going out that day. God only knows what it is like in the summer months! The flies were in their hundreds, not helped by the lack of hygiene in the airport. I agree about the winding staircase to hell - the stench turned your stomach on the way down and was worse when you got in there. No soap, half a toilet roll for 5 cubicles, filthy floor, dryers not working properly, This airport should have been brought up to standard before Greece being allowed into the EU. Is this typical of all Greek airports?

Holidays from hell? Airport from hell! 

Helen W

We have been going to Zante since 1990. and you should have seen the airport then, arrivals was a nightmare especially when you had several flights in at once,  the snack bar is a rip off and do you notice not everything is rung in the till, where have all the seats gone ? have the taken them for the new airport ? I agree with the baggage allowance, i left beach towels, sun creams, shampoos, flip flops, snorkels, and still the case weighed heavier then when we left Manchester 2 weeks before ?

John B          7/10

 This was the 4th time we have used the airport and it is getting better no more squadrons of flys waiting for you a lot more room the toilets did not smell so bad this year. The snack bar a rip off when you can buy pop and snacks in duty free upstairs cheaper.

Keith B          2/10

Not a pleasant place to spend any length of time.   We only had a couple of flights waiting so space was only at a minimum rather than a nightmare.   The round steps to hell (or the toilet as it is better known) are a joy with a toddler.   Dirty, no chairs, announcements you can't hear. Oh the fun of it all.

The duty frees not too bad though.

Anne S

Does anyone know why xl are not flying to zante next year from glasgow as always go with them and been told no flights nxt year no reason why?I agree scales are rigged as my boyfriend had holdall which was 11 on way out and 15 on way back but didnt buy a thing.mine was 20 on way out and 25 on way back and i nvr bought a thing?Saw 1 family pay 150eit is terrible the holiday companies have to check this so every1 should write and complain.

Gary B          7/10

just got back from zante i must confess i dont see what all the fuss is about the airport its not that bad apart from the snack bar which is a total rip off got charged 7 euros for small pringles and a can of lemon tea but other than that been in far worse places the trouble with us brits is we moan over the slightest thing

Wayne M          6/10

av been workin in zante airport all summer for a tour company yes it is small and very stessfull and yes you do have to que but its not the end of the world an it shouldnt spoil ur holiday ur standing outside for a while in quees then brought in 10 by 10 into the building but ad much rather be standing outside than in an by the time uv checked in  uv got bout 15-20 mins to get on the plane so to be fair its not that bad. there is a brand new airport that is now ready an thats what you arrive at but i was told is they just need to pay for the rest of it but shud be open for next summer an av been in side its quite impressive.

so it is small but its not that bad as some places.

Lynn B

 Just returned from Zante arrived at the airport 3 half hours before flight THANK YOU FIRST CHOICE HOLIDAYS!! what a DISGRACE their must of been at least 600 people in that departure lounge 3 flights taking off. No air con No seatin etc ! I refused my last 4 euro's on coffee and put it in the DOGGY model for greek animal rescue, I found dear little thin hungry pup  while staying in Zante and doing my upmost to rescue her and bring her home. I WILL NEVER EVER VISIT ZANTE OR GREECE AGAIN !

Oh and security what security we took a large bottle of coke all the way through to aircraft clearly carried by my partner! 

Alan B          10/10

I was dreading the airport as it was a Sunday but have to say they were far more organised than in previous years. The tour operators have got together and only allow 12 people to go to departures at a time and this seems to alleviate the queueing. We book direct and always make sure we get back to the airport before the coaches arrive which seems to help.

Tim S          1/10

 What a bad way to finish a great holiday,queued for 90 mins to check in,once inside the depature lounge nowhere to sit(or stand), dirty toilets, overpriced cafe(6 euro's for a small bottle of orange squash) and no air conditioning on! Was planning on returning to this fantastic Island next year,but will maybe think twice about it if the new airport lounge isn't ready!

Bernardine M          5/10

The only downpoint to the holiday is the departure from Zakynthos airport.The taxi driver told us the rest of new Airport should be open next year as it is all finished.Not holding my breath though as we have been told this before.but will keep my fingers crossed.We got caught with paying excess baggage a couple of years ago but they weighed every single thing we were carrying including donut & drink hubby was carrying,nearly everyone was caught.Must have been trying to make up extra money to finish airport.I am very careful with the weight now & always make sure no extra is showing on scales before i put luggage on.

Gerry S          1/10

This was about my 20th visit to Zante - and my last !

When we left Manchester our cases weighed 38 kilos. We used loads of stuff out of them and queued for 2 hours at Zante airport to be told they now weighed 44 kilos and we would have to pay excess baggage of 10 euros per kilo.
I knew I'd put on weight - but my cases??
We had no hand luggage, bought no duty free, so were actually under-weight for the flight!
Their scales are fixed and they are ripping off customers left right and centre.
We were one of about 50 from our flight alone!
It's not the airport but the airlines - we were with Last Choice.
Please beware - one young girl in front of us had to pay £96 extra.
A sad way for all to end their holiday.........

Tim G          1/10

Just got back from Zante,great holiday,nightmare airport.i just wish i read the forums before as i knew it could be bad but was not expecting this!Got dropped off at the airport at 1100 hrs for a 1500 hrs flight,joined the queue and that was it for a couple of to check in at 1300 hrs and made the mistake of going straight in to the departure lounge,big seats,no air con working,toilets a thing to forget(still have nightmares!)and the cafe a very big rip off-25 euros for 2 rolls and 2 coffes!no prices on display and not very fresh either!I hear that the new lounge is ready but they will not open it yet,i hope it is when i go back next year so it should be a better system,the arrivals area is prety good but 1n hour wait for luggage to arrive and you need to guess which conveyor it is on as none of the screens worked.all in all it was an expeariance to endure and hope it never stays the same or it will stop a lot of people,especially the old and disabled and those with young children from going again.

Harriet J

Me and my friend went to zante last year, had a fab time but i agree with every1s comments bout the airport! we had to sit on the floor as there was simply nowhere to move!!! the toilets were so bad, even though i was bursting i waited to get back to england to go!! tip- take your own toilet roll to airport, no joke!! however we are returning to zante again this year, just dreadin the wait at the airport!! xx

Ian M          1/10

What a dreadful end to a perfect holiday.

We felt like cattle being herded into a lorry.
Snack bar rip off.  Beer E7.50 per 1/2 L.  In resorts E2.50 per 1/2L.
Thought our airports were bad!!!!!
Our advice - check in luggage and go across the road to taverna opposite airport until ready to go through customs about 1/2hr before plane is scheduled to leave.
If in a party, take it in turns to pop back to airport to see if flight has been delayed so don't have to spend too long in departure lounge - cow shed.
Bob and Ian

Matthew Y          2/10

what a great holiday shame about the airport we did not wait for the rep just got a taxi from laganas 15eus we did not wait in the tented area just chequed in that was no problem but what a big mistake to go through passport controll we wished we had stayed outside inside it was like a seen from iraq bodies lying postrate on the floor toilets i would not put a dog in no prices on the food which is illegle nearly missed our flight the tanoy was incoherant the screens were useless no tv screens to watch strange because everywhare you go in zante you at least get sky news and sports ect i would say third wourld would be kind to this airport but after all as usual we will be back next year as you can say all you can about the airport but you cant beat the island

Marian B

    Terrible!!just bak from my second visit this year,and really put off going again This beautiful island is being let down badly by the third world conditions at the airport.Very few seats meant a very uncomfortable wait for passengers on at least four fully booked flights. Sitting on filthy floors and even worse to endure in toilets,not good enough in this day and age.Reps did their best but better communication is needed between all tour operators to avoid taking bus loads of tourists into this disaster area , security was laughable, as a glamorous young lady sat texting instead of monitoring the luggage screen,very worrying !! If its true a new departure lounge is almost ready ,i would say its at least one season too late.Zante lost a lot of business on sat night going by all  the comments i heard.,and this is so sad as it is a great place . Special award of the evening must go to the first choice rep helping the lone check in clerk with boarding and swiftly reducing the queue.Sad to say i could not consider bringing my elderly parents here as planned,though i will monitor this sites future comments

Phil S          1/10

Just back from my first visit to a wonderful island paradise . All the other comments ring so true, be aware of the 500ml liquid restrictions now, as we and many other passengers were transferring bottles from hand luggage to hold baggage in the long queues. Also be aware of the announcements for boarding. We sat in the smoking area ( as it was the only place with chairs), and like in Gatwick, relied on the onscreen announcements to your flight boarding, and not the unrecognisable voice broadcasts. I watched the screen every 5 mins for our flight and not once did it say that our flight was boarding. It was on an off chance that we, and 3 other passengers on the same flight realised that the announcement that could just be heard was for the final call for 5 passengers for Gatwick. We were then sent to the wrong gate where a very rude member of staff said it was the other gate. Finally let through, and was given a tirade of abuse by the local dispatcher on did we know we had been holding up 230 passengers ( of course we did, we wanted to be late) We were given a raptuous applause by passengers still in the departure lounge and the same when we finnaly boarded. MY apologies to anyone who happened to be kept waiting on this flight. A very bad end to such a superb week.

Come on local goverment, use some of our euros we are happy to spend, and spend it on a decent departure area

Gavsta W          3/10

Its not as bad as it first sounds. The queuing outside is cool under the canopy and most of the other travellers will keep you entertained.

The reps at best seem fraught here. We got a cab but our rep wasn't here to even meet us so we had to guess as to which queue to join. There seem to be others that didn't even know what queue for their travellers to join. Ymmv.

Don't take your shirt off or men with guns will shout at you.

Another point to watch is your luggage weight. We were 3 kilos over and got charged 27 € for it, in my opinion the scales are slightly bias as well. Hopefully the money charged can go to be paid for more cleaners.

As a tip then freeze a small bottle of water the night before to take with you. This will sustain you during the wait. You will have to give this up at passport control however.

Inside the airport however does seem a little grim. They do have a new departures hall that isn't used for some weird reason.

The main departure hall is packed to the rafters and there is nowhere to sit (I'm sitting on the floor writing this). If your a wily sort however you can hang about the seating area as a flight gets called and then nab a seat. Its far from ideal however.

The new hall opens next season and will hopefully improve matters. The halls are airconned so at least its not a complete sweat shop.

Once your in the actual flight calling and moment is fast and you'll soon be on your way. Why they insist on a 3 hour checking in time I don't fully understand.

The flight.

We flew with Argo who in turn use Thomas Cook. It was a Boing 737 something. Seat space is limited to say the least but its comfy enough for a.3 hour trip. The service on both flights was above what I was expecting. The food served was of a good standard and although you had to pay for drinks the selection was good and not that expensive.

Currently flying over the Alps with a fresh filter coffee in my hand. This is after a small Chardonnay and a Whiskey and Dry Ginger.

So on the whole a good holiday for the money. We didn't spend over the odds for the purchase price and although spent a fair amount while there you could get by on less. We were out in restaurants every night but could have saved money by eating in or at the Hotel bar. The car we hired was also the most expensive available. Drinking a fair amount can also up the bill.

What has striked me is that Kalamaki is not the quite relaxed place that it was 4 years ago. A lot of the bars (Fire, Down Under, Sophias) are trying to make themselves more of a type that you would expect to see in Lagana. That's fine *in* Lagana but its not required at Kalamaki. The last thing I would like to see is that one turns into an extension of another. That would stop me going back, and the place would loose its identity which struck me about the place initially. Only time will tell.


You'll come across 2 types of sellers in Kalamaki. The black guys that sell the CDs and DVDs and the deaf/ mutes that sell the lighters and trinkets.

Both are no pressure both will leave you a loan if you ask them and neither no trouble. The CDs are actually ok quality, not in packaging but the sound is ok. The DVDs are of a VCD quality and are nothing you can't download via the torrent sites.

The deaf mutes play on their disability to try and sell you worthless pap for a fair amount of money. Unless you really need a plastic cow with leds in its nose then avoid. The shops sell this rubbish at 1/4 of the price anyhow.

If your thinking of a good value greek holiday then I still would recommend kalamaki. But get there quick before its original character disappears.

Painstaking written on a RIM Blackberry Curve.

Gavin Wilby. 16/09/2007.

P W          1/10

Flew back on 14th Sept. The best advice i can give is check in ( it is luck as to how long this takes). make sure you take water with you. Once checked in go & sit outside & wait for your departure time. Do NOT go through to the dpearture lounge until absolutely necessary. There is not enough room for i flight to be waiting let alone 2 or 3 as is usually the case. As regards the not taking liquids through- we just put them in our hand luggage & got water through no problem. It is worth a try due to the ridiuculous prices inside.Good Luck- but zante is worth it!

Col O          1/10

we flew back yesterday (16 sept) and after queing outside for a hour in the midday heat and being ushered in groups like sheep to check in ect i realy needed the toilet and belive me i have used some dirty toilets in my time but these are most definitely the worst.

we then had to sit on the departure lounge hard floor for around 2 hrs which can get realy uncomfy and then to top it we decided to buy 2 sandwiches which cost us 12.5 euros but despite all this the island is realy worth visiting just make sure you buy all your provisions you need for your wait before you enter the airport and above everything else try to avoid using the toilets.....

Anne S

Been many times and it is more horrible every time.The snack bar charged me 9e for a can of  fanta and box of pringles!The toilets are worse then a prison in china.If they are not going to hurry up and sort out the new place then they should at least make the toilets fit for humans.With regards to the picture of rubbish next to a bin!I sat and watched pigs leave rubbish on the floor, on tables etc.There were a few bins which i put MY rubbish in that were empty!I saw some poor lady pick up after us tourists who moan about the STATE of the departure lounge.If we act like pigs then they must think we dont care about the state of the place.For the people who use the binsthis doesnt apply to you and the ones who dont.Use the bloody bins

Julie W

Do watch out for the snack bar prices.  The woman in front of us paid 14 euros for 4 cans of coke.  She could have gone upstairs to the giftshop and got a 6-pack of coke for less than 4 euros!

Tony E

We had hoped this year the departure lounge would have moved to the new terminal. This is the only thing that lets the island down. It is time it was sorted and time the holiday companies let the island know but then again they are only after your money aren't they. The departure lounge must be the worst in the european holiday market. Our visit this year is next week going back in October hoping to miss some of the crush.

Steve M          1/10

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Don't get me wrong...I love Zakynthos. It has many good aspects and a few bad ones. One bad one is the departure lounge.

For a country with an economy assisted by tourism, it is a shame that the one lasting impression, as you leave a beautiful island, is the departure lounge at D.Solomis Airport. Over the past four years the departure lounge has remained a bit of a joke, a sight to behold, a euphamism for the Greekness of bad management.

Shame, realy! it is a shame. So many happy people on holiday, so many bad memories of flying home
Kostas your legacy going to contain the memories of tourists leaving Zakynthos. I hope so. The tourist of Zakynthos and Greece deserve better.

Michael D          1/10

 Having been a visitor to the island for 10 years finding my own way there, i would advise all travellers to the airport when you book in at the desk ignore the  reps directing you to the departure lounge which as described is a scene from Cas Blanca.Go outside and sit under the trees with your sandwiches and water purchased previously from local supermarkets where you stopped for your hols, this means you can wait the ridiculous 2hours outside in relative comfort.For the more adventurous there is a transport cafe across the road where  the staff speak english and are extremely friendly.Above all don't be panicked or bullied to enter the deparure lounge pit!

Luci H          3/10

 I have given the airport a 3, ONLY because of the fantastic organisation by the Thomson reps.  On Friday, I was dreading departures after reading comments on here.  However, we stood outside, under cover for no more than 10 minutes.  Inside we probably queued for 30 mins, whislt the reps told us which queue to go to, when to get passports ready etc  I heard several people say it was better than last year -it  was my first visit so have nothing to compare it to.

Now for the bad bit. The actual lounge was heaving with people sitting on the floor, stairs, anywhere.  Duty free was rammed.  The downstairs snack bar is a rip off.  No prices, but as it gets warm you need a drink.  My husband was hungry, so bought a sandwich.  It had a 2/08/07 sticker on it, and the ham was curled.  Clearly nearly a month out of date, we took it back, only to be told "It's very good meat" by the smarmy man.  My husband chucked the sandwich on the counter, and we got our money back 5.50!!!  I bet lots of people get ill from these sandwiches.  The really annoying thing is the new departures is ready, but empty!!  Arrivals is fine. 

Vivien M          1/10

Yes it is about time the departure side of the new airport was opened. This is the only downside of a beautiful Island. If you go up to duty free you can buy 6 cans of drinks for 3euros 80 no water though.

David K

one word - Horrific!!  Holiday was great in Zante (only after we got there after a 7 hour delay) however going home was a nightmare.  Queued over 1.5 hours to get checked in (even after getting to the airport 3 hours before the flight) and then was spoken to quite rudely from the thomas cook rep.  If you're not holidaying with Thomas Cook don't ask them any questions as you get your head bitten off.


Gary M          2/10

Anyone who has been to Zante before won`t need to be reminded what a trial the return jouney to the UK. can be, but this year with the new security measures in place, we were informed on numerous occasions that no liquids including water could be taken any further than Passport Control.

Knowing what the "DepartureLounge" was like including the rip-off prices of drinks, this extra development only added to our feelings of woe.
Imagine our complete surprise and then frustration to find that no such restriction exists.
You can go through carrying a beer barrel if you want to.(A water butt for tee-totalers).But going in dry as previously instructed we were then forced to pay the afforementioned prices.
It really is annoying that people who are paid to pass on infomation  back to the cutomer get this basic info  hopelessely wrong.
Once inside however as a result of our early flight, we were lucky enough to take advantage of empty seats.This was a complete bonus.
Joking aside, surely some finance generated by tourism should be earmarked to modenise the departure side of the airport (The arrivals side is fine).
Again this year within an hour of us getting through to the departure lounge. it resembled a refugee camp caught up in some kind of natural disaster.
Time for a bit of investment I think.....
Although after all my gripes, it won`t stop me coming to Zante.  

Sue R

we did not do a package deal in June 2007 and we still had to queue outside the airport.  We did try to go straight to be told that we had to queue with the rest of the people who were on a package deal.

Sue R

the airport has got to be the worse one I have ever seen, the toilets are filthy, not enough seats, and the kiosk that sells the drinks is just so expensive.

Zante is such a lovely island, such a shame the airport is such a shambles.  Some serious money needs to be invested to make the airport bigger.

Jill B          1/10


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The airport is a real joke, about time they spent some of the millions of euros we leave on the island every year on upgrades and refurbishment. The Spanish made the effort with infrastructure, why can't the Greeks ?

Barry S          1/10

The phrase that comes to mind is "third world". The place is filthy, there are no way near enough seats to accommodate everyone, everything is well over priced - a fanta lemon 4 euros 80,rip off, - despite what everyone else says it could well stop me going again and the toilets I've never seen anything so revolting, the cleaner really needs to start doing his/her job right or get the sack. It spoils the end of a good holiday and really needs a little bit of  TLC. Arrivals is much cleaner and a place that makes you feel welcome, whereas on the way out they are minging and that just goes to show that it's they end of your holiday and they couldn't care less about you because you're leaving their country!!

Stella S          3/10

We flew back on Sunday 5th August 07. Airport not as bad as I expected but it is still pretty poor!  Queuing outside under the canopy was OK and we didn't really queue for any longer than in most other airports. The First Choice reps were very helpful in keeping things moving and helping with baggage etc.

Once inside, the facilities are poor, toilets yuk, nowhere near enough seating (we used the stairs up to the Duty Free shop) and people milling round or just sat on the floor.  The snack bar stocked a limited range of rolls, crisps and drinks and was over-priced - but then aren't all airports a rip-off when it comes to food and drink. Contrary to other reports, you can buy bottled water at the snack bars inside the airport but would still advise you to take some to use during the queueing stage. My husband also made use of the mini fan I'd packed in the hand luggage whilst outside.
Glad we weren't more than 30 mins delayed leaving - not sure I could have coped with the 5 hours the previous week. (the flight we arrived on was delayed for 5 hours at East Midlands and, although EMA is quite a decent airport, being stuck there for a total of 7 hours was not much fun....even worse at Zante!)
However, it would not put me off going back as it is just such a lovely island.

Georgina K          1/10

rubbish!! it was a bad dissapointment to the end of the holiday! it was sucha a shame! the airport was soo smal.. an to find out yoo av a hour delay after already sitting on the hard floor for 3hours is bad! but never mind we still got home the same day :)

Liana K

Awful. really awful. Waited 3 hours on the floor because it was so packed and such a small airport, to then find we had an hours delay...which meant sitting on the floor surrounded by loads and loads of people having to do exactly the same.

The airport is the only thing i disliked about Zakynthos. 

Sarah A          3/10

I was expecting the worst when I arrived here having read all of the terrible comments. Have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be although the luggage from the flight to Zante was a right performance taking an hour and a half to actually get onto the conveyor belt. luggage kept coming in groups of about 10 cases with a 15 minute wait in between each set.

Going back was not as bad as I had expected. You do have to queue outside in what was the mid day sun when we were there but it is shaded so its fairly cool (ish). They do get you through check in fairly quickly (quicker than in Kos)
Inside the airport is filthy and the prices are sky high. 2 diet pepsis, 2 cereal bars and 4 chuppa chup lollies came to 18 euros.

Holly R          2/10

Hello i have been transported via this airport twice my honest opinion is its dreadful theres no proper seating and the queues are quite bad too, but as i say greek maybe time it will never cant sorted or maybe not in my life time but never mind if your going for a holiday i suppose you just deal with it.

Paul &          3/10

To Kat & Russ Skyme

Hi we will be on our 8th visit to Kalamaki in Sept, always book independently, but you still have to queue with all the rest for your departure from Zante Airport. Arrivals is now ok. Had some bad trips from the airport and some reasonable ones, Someday we will get a good one !!
Every time time we leave we say it will be our last visit, then within weeks we book again - just love the place.

Julie V          4/10

Having read all the other comments about departures at Zante airport I was prepared for the worst. Actually we didn't have to queue for too long and although the facilities are very basic it all went much smoother than I expected!

Colin S

Reviewed these posts. I'll be back later to correct a few myths and some exagerrations.
FYI: been to Zante 4 times.

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